The Truth About The New Green Deal and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

The new Socialist Democrats elected to congress in 2018 are presently showcasing a New Green Deal.  This “Green Deal” calls for the closure of all oil, coal, and natural gas companies.  The New Green Deal will obtain all needed energy from wind power and solar cells.

The idea is so preposterous that it is laughable.  Using only solar cells and wind power, it would be possible to supply electric power to American homes for about eight minutes each week.  Of course this would make the Democrat Party look like complete fools.  It would show that the Democrat Party has absolutely no understanding of electrical power distribution in the U.S. or the associated costs and needed equipment.

I believe that the Democrat Party is much smarter than this.  Surely the Democrat Party must have a ” Master Plan ” somewhere that is scientifically accurate and can indeed supply cheap energy to all Americans.  Also, I believe that the Democrat Party just wanted to convince their free enterprise Republican opponents that all the young Democrats in colleges and universities spent their time smoking marijuana, staging social protests, and studying identity politics.

Can you imagine how surprised the free enterprise Republicans will be when the Democrat Party reveals their “Master Plan ?”  This website has obtained a copy of the Democrat Party Master Plan.  Here is how it works. For decades dedicated members of the Democrat Party have been studying nuclear physics, computer engineering, electrical engineering, advanced mathematics, and advanced “String Theory ” in our best universities and have only been pretending to be marijuana smoking social dissidents.

These dedicated scientists of the Democrat Party have developed a new technology to create abundant energy by employing anti-matter.  Anti-matter is real and is not just some science fiction fantasy.

For my readers who have not kept up with the latest in scientific research, I will review some of the basics.  Anti-matter is the opposite of matter. This means that anti-matter has the opposite charge from regular matter.  Many of the older readers remember when in junior high and high school,  you were required to study atoms that you were told consisted of protons, neutrons, and electrons.  An electron is a real particle and has an electric charge of NEGATIVE one (-1 ). An anti-electron is a real particle and has an electric charge of POSITIVE one (+1) . When matter and anti-matter collide both particles are completely annihilated and the masses of these two particles are turned into 100% pure energy !  A nuclear weapon by contrast, only converts 1% of its mass into energy and is only 1% efficient.

Research into anti-matter has taken place in depth at Geneva, Switzerland, at the European Organization for Nuclear Research ( CERN ).  Huge and very powerful magnetic fields separated particles from their anti-particle and stored them separately in powerful magnetic containment traps.

It is estimated that it would cost in 2019 currency about $ 70 TRILLION to contain one gram of anti-matter.  However, the Democrat Party is not worried about the cost because they know for certain that they can get all the free money they need just by running the money printing presses.  The Democrat Party plans to print one Trillion dollar bills to fund all of their work.  They also plan to send each American a Trillion dollar bill so all Americans can become Trillionairs and nobody has to work.

R. Van Conoley

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