William Barr Confirmed As Attorney General And The Rats Abandon The ship

William Barr was sworn in as Attorney General on Thursday, February 14, 2019.  Mr. Barr is a man of integrity and he will restore Constitutional Law in the U.S. and prosecute any and all individuals who have broken the law.

Many of the Democrat crooks in congress along with many of the Republican crooks in congress are deserting a sinking ship like the rats that they are.  The sinking ship is the conspiracy that corrupt members of congress and members of the Obama Administration used to harm the legally elected President, Donald Trump.

It has been obvious to many informed Americans that both the Justice Department and the FBI were weaponized and criminalized to destroy President Trump and our Republic.  Former Assistant FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, is already tuning up to sing a loud and clear song about the criminal activities of members of the federal government in order to reduce his time in prison.

McCabe is ready to “take down” Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, James Comey, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton to name just a few.  Attorney General Barr will get to the bottom of all major crimes against our Republic.  As a law abiding American, I completely trust William Barr and the innocent have nothing to fear.  The guilty have a great deal to fear.

R. Van Conoley

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