Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, and Xi Jinping

It is extremely difficult for an Occidental to communicate in depth with an Oriental.

Chinese ( Mandarin ) is not an easy language for a native American to learn and it is even harder to communicate and understand the subtle implications.  Students of Mandarin must quickly attempt to learn to comprehend ambiguity.  There is no alphabet in Chinese and Chinese words are not formed by letters.  Words are formed by combining smaller words.  For example, the word for size combines the character for large with the character for small.  The Chinese use books ( dictionaries ) to organize thousands of characters which are then filed under “subfamilies.”  If this is not difficult enough, different tones indicate different words.  The effect of a tone may give a word four different meanings.

The “experts” in the U.S. State Department, in my view, have misinformed our U.S. Presidents for more than 50 years by not fully understanding the subtle implications found in Mandarin.  Yet given all of the language problems associated with Chinese and other Asian languages, President Donald Trump has clearly communicated with both President Kim of North Korea and President Xi of China.

I never thought that I would say this, but I respectfully believe that President Trump should reward President Kim in some way in order to keep their magnificent alliance working for both.  Possibly President Trump might consider helping President Kim obtain a loan from the World Bank.  North Korea could really use some well constructed electric generating plants that use oil or coal as their energy source.  Possibly President Kim would even consider using some of the funds from a loan to employ an American engineering firm to begin construction.  Both President Trump and President Kim have gained great “face” in the Asian world.  Sadly few Americans understand the great wisdom that President Trump has employed.

While President Xi of China does not agree with all of the trade requests that President Trump is suggesting, President Xi understands and accepts the need for America to promote our interests.  However, both sides must reach an agreement that is fair and just to each very soon.  It would be unwise to allow an internecine conflict to continue and damage both of our economies.

As an American, I greatly appreciate the wisdom that President Trump has displayed in his foreign relations in Asia.  It is sad that America has few reporters who have the knowledge and the background to report the real results to the American People. The fake news media has done a great disservice to Americans by falsely politicizing and distorting the news to politically damage President Trump.

I would like for President Trump to know that as an American I most respectfully remain your most humble and obedient servant and appreciate the great job that you performed in Asia for me and more importantly my grandchildren.  Continue, Mr. President, to remain courageous and wise.  Sane and sensible Americans stand with you.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: While I think it unlikely for President Donald Trump to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize due to the Noble Committee’s bias in favor of Socialists, it would not surprise me to discover a bronze statue memorial of President Trump and President Kim shaking hands in a park in North Korea dedicated to world peace. )


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