Both Wisdom and Pain Increase With Age

In the ten years that I have been publishing articles on this website, I have avoided focusing on me. I publish articles with the main intent of providing information in a readable form that may interest people.  I am not on any social media platform nor do I wish to be.  Also, I do not read articles on social media nor do I believe that there is much value in attempting to express a complex opinion in just two sentences.

In this article, I shall readily admit that it is written to provide factual information, but is deeply motivated by elements in my life.

When people ask my age, I tell them I am 39.  Of course nobody believes this, but I seem to have some difficulty in accepting that I am beyond a certain age.  So I will now admit that I am past 65 and yes people could label me a Senior Citizen.  Also, I have studied nutrition for over fifty years and I have approached this endeavor very carefully and have read and researched many articles and books.

Like about 100 million other Americans, when I was in 16 years old I took antihistamines for nasal allergy.  Since I believe in avoiding prescription substances as much as possible, I read the book written by the great scientist, Linus Pauling, titled: ” Vitamin C and the Common Cold.” This led to my interest in human nutrition and other nutrients.  So for over fifty years I have been taking Vitamin C and other nutrients to maintain good health. It is important to note that I read many scientific journal articles and read and studied a number of books written by M.D.- Ph.D’s. EXCITOTOXINS by Russell L. Blaylock, MD; THE VITAMIN D SOLUTION by Michael Holick, Ph.D-MD; and THE HOMOCYSTEINE SOLUTION by Kilmer McCully, M.D.-Ph.D; are just a few.

Unfortunately for me, with the passage of time (Aging), I have acquired Arthritis.  In my family tree, you can NOT find individuals with diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, but many of my relatives had acquired arthritis by the age of fifty.  My mother and her youngest brother suffered terribly from arthritis.  I share many of their genes and I suffer from arthritis and the associated pain.

Without a need to discuss in great depth many of the articles and scientific studies that I researched, I can summarize one great biological truth. In humans, and other biological organisms, evolution or God has designed the organism to survive infancy and live long enough to reproduce the species. Once the reproductive years have passed, the aging process accelerates by reducing in quantity some compounds that keep humans strong and healthy. Most of these compounds are classified as hormones.  The average person is familiar with testosterone, the estrogens, and the thyroid hormone.  It is easy to test for these hormones and doctors can easily determine if a patient’s level is in the normal range.

Hormones produced by the pituitary gland are not as well known. All of the pituitary hormones are proteins.  Most are small protein hormones, meaning that they have a small number of amino acids in their molecule.  Human Growth Hormone ( abbreviated HGH) is a fairly large molecule containing 191 amino acids.  A “new” field of medicine came into existence several decades ago and it is called anti-aging medicine.  The anti-aging advocates focused on HGH.

In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) decides what products can be manufactured and sold by prescription.  Sometimes the FDA bans a perfectly safe product and increasingly the FDA approves products that have extremely toxic side effects and possibly should not be available.

One example of the FDA banning a perfectly safe product occurred in 1989 when the FDA banned the safe and essential amino acid L-Tryptophan. It happened that one company sold L-Tryptophan that was not pure or exact in the molecular structure. This “false” L-Tryptophan caused harm in people who took it.  Instead of banning this company from selling its’ product, the FDA banned all sales of L-Tryptophan made by all companies.  The FDA left this senseless ban in effect until 2005. The examples of the FDA approving products that were too toxic for sale are too numerous for listing.

Now focus on HGH.  This hormone is legally approved for sale by the FDA for the treatment of Dwarfism in children.  This is a very wise and sensible course of action.  Unfortunately, HGH not only worked for children with Dwarfism, but it worked for all individuals at any age by increasing muscle mass and by decreasing excess body fat.  Unfortunately, some parents who wanted an average sized son to increase his chances of playing pro football or some other sports activity paid MD’s to inject HGH into normal and healthy children.  The FDA wisely banned this and it was, in my view, the correct and ethical thing to do.

Today HGH is approved for the treatment of Dwarfism in children and is also approved for medical conditions in adults over 60 years of age who test low for HGH in a blood test.  I would like to legally use HGH because I believe that it would help my arthritis. However, it is almost impossible to obtain because it is banned for use in normal children solely to increase athletic ability.  Each night when I can not sleep because of the arthritic pain, I think of the unfairness of how the FDA operates against older citizens who could benefit from sensible anti-aging treatments.

President Trump recently signed into law a bill that would allow individuals who have terminal diseases to receive medications not yet FDA approved if they wish to do so. I wish that President Trump would consider doing a similar action with HGH even though HGH can help with non terminal syndromes and reduce suffering.

Now that I have admitted that I am over 39, I may join an organization that promotes better health for citizens over 60.  Senior Citizens vote in large numbers in every election.  This is sometimes called ” Gray Power.” I am for gray power and support the sensible use of reasonably safe pharmaceutical products that can reduce suffering and improve the quality of life for Senior Citizens.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: Kilmer McCully, MD, mentioned in the above article was one of the greatest medical researchers in the U.S. in the 20th. Century, in my view. He defined the complex biochemical pathways of the enzyme Methyltetrahydrofolate homocysteine methyl transferase. He did great work on how the amino acid Methionine reacts in humans. He made the mistake of telling the truth about some of the dangers of some of the anti-cholesterol medications. Big Pharmaceutical companies helped destroy Dr. McCully by having his research funding stopped.  THE HOMOCYSTEINE REVOLUTION remains one of the greatest books written in the 20th. Century about new understandings relating to heart and artery diseases.  )

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