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The year of 2019 is not even at its’ midpoint and I have already published two articles about Howard Schultz.  I differ slightly as a law abiding American who has voted in every presidential election since I turned 21 Years of age.  I strongly believe that presidential elections should not be a choice between just two candidates.  The Democrat party and the Republican party are the two major parties.  A candidate that is not a major party candidate is called a third party candidate.

I voted for a major party candidate in 1972 and in 2016.  In 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012, I voted for third party candidates.  Chances are that if you are over 50, you will remember Ralph Nader and Ross Perot.  Perot was the only third party candidate in my lifetime who had a real chance to be elected president. In June, 1992, a Gallup poll ( not fake news ) showed Ross Perot leading in a three way race against Democrat Bill Clinton and Republican George H.W. Bush.  Perot lacked the courage and the toughness to fight hard and to work hard and in the end, he received 19% of the popular vote.  If you watch the video of the debates, you would clearly notice that both Clinton and Bush were extremely careful not to offend Perot in the debates.

When the votes were counted, Bill Clinton was elected president but failed to obtain 50% of the popular vote.  Clinton blamed Perot for this deficiency.  George H.W. Bush blamed Perot for his defeat and he became a one term president.

In 2020 there may be another three way election. Trump seems likely to be the Republican nominee. There will be a Democrat nominee, but it is not known whom it will be at this time.  Howard Schultz may be the third party candidate in the race.  Already the fake news cycle is stating that Schultz could not be elected.  That of course is a lie.  Schultz could be elected if he gets a plurality of votes in enough states to reach 50% plus one vote in the electoral college.

To be elected president, Schultz would have to take votes away from both the Democrat and Republican candidates. CNN in my view is the master of fake news and is little more than an running advertisement for the Democrat party.  Surrogates of CNN and the Democrat party are publishing articles where Trump and the Democrat are fighting to be elected and Schultz is just a spoiler who ends up helping reelect Trump.

But there are many other possibilities that the Democrat Party and some elite Socialist Billionaires do not want any American to contemplate.  In October, 2020, with just three weeks to the November election, it is possible that a valid political poll could show Schultz with 40% of the projected votes and Trump with 40% of the projected votes and the Democrat with 20% of the projected votes !  This is indeed possible. Schultz is an independent free from the taint of the Washington cess-pool’s special interest money.  Trump is in reality an independent who captured the Republican Party nomination in 2016, and many view Trump as a candidate who is also free from the taint of the Washington cess-pool’s special interest money.  If this happened, it would be the end of the present Democrat party and a two way race at the finish between Schultz and Trump.

I have not found a single TV station free of Democrat bias or Republican bias.  So Schultz has only one option.  He needs to appear on the Democrat fake news stations and stand his ground and present his case knowing that the media is trying to trap and damage him. Then he needs to appear on the TV station that has a Republican bias knowing that they also will ask him some hard questions.  Again Schultz needs to stand his ground.

One final suggestion to Howard Schultz. Schultz must be  very careful to not become a 2020 Ross Perot. Schultz should have a definite: 1) Yes, I am a candidate, or 2) No, I am not a candidate by the end of November, 2019.  A definite yes or a definite no are both acceptable answers for Mr. Schultz. Continuing to vacillate after November, 2019, would make Mr. Schultz appear indecisive and weak and would cast him into the role of a spoiler. Run to win or do not run at all.

R. Van Conoley   ( The Presidential debates, in many people’s view, decide who will be elected President. Any and all third party candidates who poll 5% or more of the popular vote by valid polling are permitted to participate in the debates. Schultz is certain to exceed the 5% threshold and participate in the debates if he is a candidate. )

( Editor’s note 2: This article is not intended to support any candidate or political party. It is intended to counteract many of the false and misleading posts on the web. continues to support responsible free speech. )

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