The 2020-2023 Mexican War of Terror

In 2015, just 62 individuals possessed more wealth than the poorest half of all people on earth.  Recently Credit Suisse stated that the richest one percent have now accumulated more wealth than the rest of all the other people on earth all added together.

Corporations of mercenaries are presently available for anyone to rent if you have the vast sums of money required.  War is now for sale on the open market.  War has become a commodity that any super rich individual can purchase.  There are a lot of super rich billionaires who can purchase a mercenary military force to act in their behalf.

Private mercenary forces now allow all of the men and women listed as billionaires on Forbe’s list of billionaires to become the Supreme Commander of their own military.  The World Bank states that the top one hundred economies consist of 31 countries and 69 corporations.  Walmart has the tenth largest economy in the world.  Can anyone really believe that the Central African Republic or Haiti have more influence in the world just because they are countries ?

Will ExxonMobil purchase its’ own military and take over smaller countries or regions of countries ? It makes great sense for ExxonMobil, Shell, and BP to have their own armies.  After all, the corporations have been dealing with extremely corrupt governments for decades.  Wouldn’t it be easier for these corporations to own certain countries ?

In 2013, terrorists attacked a gas facility in Algeria operated by two international oil companies.  It would not have happened if the corporations had mercenary armies guarding their property.

By 2020, megacorporations and the elite global billionaires will own their own mercenary armies and it will be legal. Shareholders will demand this and expect this.  A Chinese oil company has already hired mercenaries in South Sudan.  Many other corporations will follow this trend.

Organized criminals can become superpowers by hiring mercenaries with attack helicopters and other advanced weapons systems.  Narco states and regions exist throughout Latin America and West Africa.  In Mexico, over 11 thousand people were killed in drug related violence in the first half of 2017 ! Terrorist groups like al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, and al-Queda will pay anti-Western mercenaries to help in their global jihad.

The British East India Company founded in 1600 became the greatest corporation in history.  The company was a corporate raider and a corporate murderer serving the British Crown for 275 years.

By 2020, Mexico will be at war.  There will be a number of mercenary armies fighting each other and the ineffective government of Mexico.  The Sinaloa drug cartel was run by ” El Chapo ” Guzman.  With Guzman in jail in the U.S. the bloody war for control of all of Mexico is getting bloodier.

Twenty-seven of Mexico’s 31 states recorded increases in murders.  Farmers in Michoacán decided to fight back and won several victories over the cartel members.  Vigilantes have become mercenary groups.  It is estimated that by 2026, Mexico will be divided into six or seven separate states.  Many will die in the Mexican Civil Terror funded by mercenaries, drug cartels, and elitest billionaires and megacorporations.

R. Van Conoley

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