The Robert S. Mueller Perversion

This website was created with the intent of serving as a watchdog for the American People.  This website was not designed to support any political party, any religious group, any corporation, or any special interest group.  In a disgusting era of fake and false news, this website was designed as an anti-toxin to the many lies, distortions, and biased news found in many newspapers, television shows, and the increasingly pathological garbage published on some politically disguised websites.

The Mueller investigation has been completed and President Donald Trump has been cleared of all allegations of Russian Collusion.  The same democrats who praised Mueller for two years now demonize him.

Some may say justice was served.  As a law abiding American Citizen, I do not believe that justice was served.  Mueller, and his totally partisan group of political psychopaths, should have never been created in the first place.  As an American citizen who has lived on this earth for more than seven decades, the Mueller investigation was the worst political distortion of the U.S. Constitution in my lifetime and in the history of our great Republic.

Instead of justice, the Mueller investigation was a totally political investigation from the beginning that never sought fairness nor justice.  The entire Mueller investigation was vile, reprehensible, immoral, and totally unethical from the beginning to the end.  It was politically motivated and based on false information provided by the Clinton Foundation, the DNC, and a group of high ranking and totally corrupt individuals in the Justice Department and the FBI . Innocent individuals, who happened to know President Trump or to have been affiliated with his campaign, were damaged by the psychotic actions of this out of control group who damaged their lives by having a Swat team of FBI agents sweep down upon their residences in the early morning hours with assault rifles to arrest non violent individuals.  I can not believe that this and many other forms of political intimidation happened in the United States.

I will never have my faith in America restored nor will I ever view our great Republic in the same way again.  However, I can clearly define and explain how the U.S. Government failed me, the American People, and our Constitution.

In 1978, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act became U.S. Law.  This Act created FISA courts which allowed certain Federal Judges to issue warrants against individuals living in the U.S., INCLUDING U.S. CITIZENS, if the federal government and/or U.S. Intelligence agencies believed that these individuals created a ” Clear and present danger” to the government of the U.S. or to the people of the U.S. Unlike all other rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the FISA Courts were in effect “secret Courts.”

Politics is a dirty game.  The American People know this.  Both the Trump Campaign and the Clinton Campaign conducted ” opposition research” against each other.  If the situation had stopped at this point, the 2016 Presidential campaign would have been just another sleazy political event that American Citizens tolerate as a cost of democracy.  But it did not stop here.  The opposition research paid for by the Clinton Campaign went beyond the usually sleazy levels that Americans tolerate.  The Clinton Campaign paid for opposition research that was called ” The Christopher Steele Russia Dossier.”  The Steele Dossier was just a lot of nasty, vile, false, and reprehensible slanders directed against Donald Trump.

But it did not end here.  Barack Obama was President of the U.S. and was supporting Hillary Clinton for President.  With the help of the Obama Administration and corrupt individuals in the Justice Department and the FBI, the Steele Dossier was brought before a FISA Court BEFORE the 2016 election and the Court authorized warrants to spy and wiretap Donald Trump and his associates based on the false Steele report.  This was a serious act of Treason against the American People and the Constitution and was totally illegal.  The guilty parties believed the false and fake news media that Clinton would win the Office of President.  When Hillary became President, all traces could have been erased and Hillary and her criminal associates would have been protected.  But Hillary did not get elected; Donald Trump was elected President and the criminal evidence could not be completely erased even though the Clinton campaign destroyed evidence that was under subpoena.

Now it is the job of Attorney General William Barr to investigate the many criminal actions that occurred during the final months of the Obama Administration and to sort out legal actions that need to be pursued against such individuals as James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Hillary Clinton, The DNC, The Clinton Foundation. Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama, and possibly Rod Rosenstein and many others in the Justice Department and the FBI and possibly the CIA.

It will be a very difficult job for Attorney General William Barr because he had established friendships with many of the individuals in previous years who now will be charged in 2019 and 2020.  I believe that Attorney General Barr will follow the rule of law and place the U.S. Constitution ahead of any past friendships.  Essentially the future of our Republic is in the hands of William Barr.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: While CNN and several other organizations ran non stop slanders against President Trump for two years, I hope that the more conservative media will remember that all individuals who come under investigation by A.G. William Barr are presumed innocent until found guilty in a legal court proceeding.  Possibly Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch had their famous airport meeting and only discussed their grandchildren.  Possibly the Clinton Foundation was really supporting world justice rather than accepting money for future influence in a Clinton Administration.  Possibly, Hillary never destroyed evidence that was under subpoena and never kept a computer at her home that contained classified information that was easily available to all computer hackers.  Possibly there was a valid reason not to place Hillary under oath when she came to “talk” with the FBI.  Time will tell. )

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