The Tucker Carlson Challenge

I began watching Tucker Carlson when he obtained his own TV show on FOX.  The more I watched, the more I began to admire his common sense, honesty, integrity, and his ability to clearly present important political information in a fair and just manner.

I purchased his book titled: ” Ship of Fools,” and I plan to read it again in the near future.  Mr. Carlson is, in my view, a truthful journalist and not an ideologue.

I do not know if Tucker reads this website:  I hope that he has read it from time to time.  Tucker is not a “know it all” and he appears to be an individual who has a true desire to learn new things and explore new ideas.  It is my belief that individuals need to learn new things in order to understand the present and also to help predict the future with some reasonable accuracy.  Therefore, I am presenting two topics for Tucker Carlson to read about and hopefully to study.  One of these topics happened in the past on a specific date.  The second topic is an ongoing situation that happened and continues to happen in America.  I have written about both of these topics on this website, so Tucker and any other readers do not have to go too far to understand some aspects of these two topics.  Since Tucker is an opponent of lying and group think, I hope he decides to present each of these topics on his show on different dates.  Also, an in depth presentation hopefully will result.

TOPIC I. In June, 1967, jet aircraft and torpedo boats of the State of Israel attacked the U.S. intelligence gathering ship, USS Liberty.  The ship was in international waters off of the coast of the Sinai Peninsula.  The attack was preceded by more than six hours of intense surveillance by Israeli aircraft with excellent photo reconnaissance ability.

The day was clear and there was no mistake that this was a U.S. ship.  The LIBERTY was not in a line of sight and other U.S. and other foreign ships in the region could not directly see the LIBERTY.  Israel was just hours away from another war against other countries in the region.  No other ships were within 50 miles of the LIBERTY.  Israel began the attack against the LIBERTY using high performance jet aircraft.  Next Israel deployed Napalm against the LIBERTY.  Finally, Israeli torpedo boats blasted a forty foot hole in the side of the LIBERTY.  The attack lasted more than two hours.  34 Americans were killed and 171 others were wounded.

Finally rescue aircraft from the Sixth Fleet responded and it became known to the U.S. that the attacking forces were Israeli.  Israel claimed that her forces mistook the LIBERTY for an Egyptian ship.

The USS Liberty Veterans Association wants the American People to know the truth about this incident and does not believe that the attack was an accident.  Individuals may type USS Liberty into the search box on the homepage of this website and read several articles about this topic.  Also, Mr. Carlson could google USS Liberty Veterans  Association to obtain the names of individuals who are alive today who were on the USS Liberty on that fateful day.  The U.S. Government ordered individuals on the LIBERTY not to discuss the incident.  Does Tucker Carlson remain the enemy of lying if the lying is promoted by the U.S. Government?

TOPIC TWO:  The Roman Catholic Church is one of the richest and most powerful organizations in the world.  While researching connections between the Vatican and the Nazi Government of Adolph Hitler about nine years ago, I encountered information about the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests.  Tucker and anyone else can obtain information about this topic by typing VATICAN in the search space on the home page of this website.  There are more than eleven articles about this topic presented that I believe are 100% factual.

Since U.S. Law enforcement had to know about these vile and reprehensible acts by Catholic priests, I can not help but wonder why the highest authorities in the U.S. did nothing to prevent this form of human abuse.  It is my belief that the abuse was so egregious and prolonged that the Catholic Church gave up its’ right to remain a religious organization in the U.S. These vile acts of pedophilia were covered up by the highest authorities in the Catholic Church in the 1950’s and the 1960’s and the 1970’s.  I admit that I strongly believe that the RICO criminal statutes should be employed against the Catholic Church and that the Catholic Church should cease to exist in the U.S.

It amazes me that state law enforcement and Federal law enforcement did not act against the Catholic Church to protect future innocent children from this form of abuse. In order for individuals to understand the present and have some predictability about the future, it is absolutely essential for individuals to have a truthful understanding of the past.

The understanding of these two topics may help Tucker Carlson, and other law abiding Americans, understand why events are happening in 2019 and may continue to happen in 2020 and beyond.

R. Van Conoley







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