Is Donald Trump A Coward ?

I would never like to believe that Donald Trump is a coward.  I believe that President Trump has shown great courage by standing strong against the vile and reprehensible witch hunt that was so unjustly launched against him by a democrat party totally devoid of any sense of morality and basic decency.

President Trump is the legally elected Chief Executive of the United States.  This means that it is President Trump’s duty to enforce or execute all federal laws in all states and regions of the United States.

Today there are cities that call themselves sanctuary cities.  There are states that call themselves sanctuary states.  All sanctuary cities and all sanctuary states are in effect saying to the U.S. Government that they do not have to follow U.S. Laws.  This seditious and totally illegal behavior relates to undocumented immigrants.  The Constitution of the U.S. clearly states that all federal laws are supreme over all city and state laws that conflict with federal law.

Many of these illegal city and state sanctuary laws were passed during the Barack Obama Administration.  Obama placed his political career and the best interests of the Democrat Party ahead of the U.S. Laws he swore to uphold.

President Trump has not only a Constitutional right to enforce federal laws, but President Trump has a Constitutional duty to enforce all federal laws in the U.S.  President Trump has the constitutional responsibility to order the arrest by the FBI of any individual or individuals who violate U.S. Laws.

President Trump can order the arrest of any governor or Lt. governor of any state that declares itself to be a sanctuary state and illegally protects undocumented immigrants in violation of federal law.  President Trump has the constitutional duty to order the arrest of mayors, vice mayors, and any and all other elected or appointed officials who refuse to follow U.S. Law.

I believe that all local and state officials on any and all levels of city or state government who refuse to enforce or comply with federal law to be in rebellion against the Government of the United States and are encouraging Treason against the Government of the United States.

What I do not understand is why President Trump has failed to enforce U.S. Immigration Laws and why city and state officials are not presently in jail awaiting trial if their local and state laws violate any form of U.S. Law.  Also, every person arrested is not entitled to be released on bail.  Treason against the U.S. is a serious charge and I believe that every official charged should be denied bail.

If any Federal Court wishes to countermand the President and create a Constitutional crisis, the President can then declare Martial Law which is defined in our Constitution under Article 1, Section 8, and Clause 15.  Mr. Trump has tried the easy way and it has not worked at all.  Now is the time for Trump to say: ” No more Mr. Nice guy.”  It is also time for President Trump to say to our Federal Courts: ” Go ahead. Make my day !”

R. Van Conoley

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