Expulsion and Censure For Congressional Crooks 2019-2020

The good news for corrupt members of congress is that the U.S. Constitution does not authorize the recall of either a U.S. House member or a U.S. Senate member by recall petition initiated by citizens.  The really bad news for corrupt members of congress is that Article 1, Section 5, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution allows each body of congress to censure or expel  members.

Upon a formal vote on a resolution, a member of the House or the Senate may be censured or expelled.  In 1797, William Blount was expelled by the Senate for treason and conspiracy.  In 1861 and 1862, fourteen Democrat Senators were expelled for supporting the Confederate rebellion.  From 1808 to 2011, seventeen Senators were charged but not expelled.  Of the seventeen, four resigned rather than face a vote of expulsion.  In 1995, Bob Packwood resigned after being charged with sexual misconduct.  In 2011, John Ensign resigned after being charged with financial improprieties.

In 1954, Senator Joe McCarthy was censured.  Other Senators who were censured in recent years were: 1) Thomas Dodd, 2) Herman Talmadge, and 3) David Durenberger.

The U.S. House has censured a number of representatives, but only a few were expelled in recent years.  The House expelled Michael Meyers in 1980 and James Trafficant in 2002.  Both were convicted of criminal acts so the House had no choice but to expel them.

Alleged criminal acts were committed by high ranking members of: 1) the FBI, 2) the Justice Department, 3) the CIA, and 4) the DHS.  Research by WWW.Sanityandsense.com strongly supports that some Democrat members of the House and the Senate aided, abetted, and conspired with the Democratic National Committee (DNC ) in the commission of criminal acts.

WWW.Sanityandsense.com projects that at least five members of the U.S. House will be criminally indicted or expelled by the House.  WWW.Sanityandsense.com additionally projects that two Democrat Senators will be indicted for criminal actions and then also expelled from the U.S. Senate.

If Watergate was a grain of sand, the criminal actions by the DNC and their surrogates in 2015, 2016, and 2017, is all of the sand on all of the beaches in the world.  TREASON IS A SERIOUS CRIME.

R. Van Conoley ( Hillary Clinton allegedly smashed and destroyed cell phones and other electronic devices to hide criminal evidence.  It makes absolutely no difference.  The probability of the National Security Agency ( NSA ) having recordings and transcripts of every phone call and every e-mail sent by Hillary Clinton and the DNC is estimated at 99.999%. But most importantly, only one person in the entire world can order the Director of the NSA to turn over the recordings to the Attorney General or to the Public.  That one individual is the President of the U.S., Donald Trump ! ) Additionally, while there is ample evidence that the FBI, the CIA, and the Justice Department were criminalized by the Obama Administration, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton, there is not one scintilla of evidence that the NSA misused or abused the power of their agency. )

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