Senator Elizabeth Warren Rates an A+ on One Issue makes a great effort to treat the Democrat crooks and the Republican crooks equally and fairly.  However, during the past two years, I have had a great deal of difficulty finding something sane and sensible that relates to Democrats. The Democrat crooks have done little more than promote a totally false narrative about Russian Collusion since they lost the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Nevertheless, I have listened to the announced candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination.  At first, I thought that the Democrats were purposely presenting a freak show for the American People.  I have been waiting for a Democratic candidate to say something sane and sensible.  Bernie Sanders wants to give convicted criminals the right to vote while in jail.  This is a rather simplistic idea that is neither sane nor sensible.  Possibly Bernie should develop some ideas that would reduce crime and keep people from going to jail. A good economy could help in this area, but President Trump already captured that idea with his economic programs.

Kamala Harris stated that Muhammad Ali would be her ideal candidate as a vice presidential running mate.  Unfortunately Muhammad Ali is dead, but being dead never stopped people from voting the for the Democratic Party in Chicago and other U.S. cities where Democrats rule.  Unfortunately, some Democrats believe that there is White racism, but that Black racism can not exist. Sorry Kamala, more Black racism is not a sane and sensible solution.

What can I do?  Just when I thought that it was totally hopeless, I actually heard Elizabeth Warren say something sane and totally sensible.  I woke up at around 1:30 a.m. and turned on the TV while I drank a glass of Chocolate milk.  I turned on C-SPAN, and low and behold there was Senator Warren.  Ms. Warren was questioning a Treasury official about how he planned to interact with Wells Fargo Bank.  Many people consider Wells Fargo to be an ongoing criminal enterprise disguised as a Bank.  Ms. Warren had some excellent questions for the Treasury official and they were outstanding.

I found that I was in total agreement with Senator Warren in her analysis and her questions and comments.  The U.S. has Banking Laws and they must be followed by all banking institutions.  Indeed, I do not understand why Wells Fargo has not been delisted as a commercial bank and divided and sold to other banking corporations that can follow the law.  Individuals must follow the law and so must corporations.  Some corporations that need more attention to federal laws include GM and Boeing.

My final comment is: ” Where were the Republicans on this important issue?” American banking laws exist for a purpose, and the federal government is responsible for their regulation and enforcement.

R. Van Conoley

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