The Democrat Party Promotes Racism Today

Once again I am forced to admit that I have been on this earth for more than six decades.  During my time on this earth, I have experienced the physical aspects of aging as well as the numerous changes in how politics is conducted in America.

For the young citizens who recently graduated from college and have solutions for all of the world’s problems, you might learn some interesting things by talking with your grandparents and older citizens who have an understanding of U.S. History.

I was born in the “Old South” after World War II ended and my generation was called the baby boomers.  The Southern U.S. was segregated and I grew up attending all White schools except for my senior year in high school.  Instinctively I knew that segregation was wrong and I disliked the unfair way that Black Americans were treated. The segregated South was under the control of the Democrat party and it was almost impossible for a republican candidate to be elected to any office.

Times changed thankfully.  I never faced any racism until I graduated from college with my BA Degree.  In the late 1960’s and the 1970’s, a new concept was in place.  It was called ” Affirmative Action.”  Affirmative Action awarded Black citizens and other minorities some type of extra consideration  when job applications were submitted.  I, and other White males, had a more difficult time finding a job because of affirmative action.  No White privilege for me and many other White American men.  It was unfortunate that I and other White males had to pay a price for the past sins of segregation.  However, there is a happy ending in the fact that the U.S. became more fair and just and Black Americans could compete on a level playing field in the future.

Today I am disgusted and shocked by the vile racism that is propagated by the Democrat party.  The Democrat party today labels any White American as a racist if he or she does not support the racist agenda of the new psychotic Democrat party.  Additionally, the Democrat party of today attempts to encourage all Black citizens to believe that they are victims of White racism if they do not get everything that they want.

Today the Democrat party stands only for injustice, public corruption, racism, and now treason.  The American Public will be shocked when Attorney General Barr uses the legal system to bring the Democrat criminals to justice who committed so many serious crimes against the American People.

R. Van Conoley  ( For the reader’s information, I registered as a Democrat when I was eligible to vote.  I remained a Democrat for years until the public corruption of the Democrat party caused me to change my registration to independent. Today, I hear people say: ” The Democratic party today is not the same party that my grandfather and father belonged to for their life.” )

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