6/26/19 and 6/27/19 : These Days Will Live In Infamy

On 6/26/19, Beto O’Rouke, Cory Booker, and Julian Castro all spoke in Spanish.  Unfortunately these three individuals were as incompetent and as simplistic in Spanish as they were in English.  They were not impressive in any way.  However, the Democrat Party has targeted the Spanish speaking voters in the U.S. and especially in Texas to help promote a Democrat Party victory in 2020.  In Texas, about 40% of the registered voters speak Spanish.  Therefore, the Democrat Party has decided that all of the Spanish speaking voters in Texas will vote Democratic and flip Texas from Red ( Republican) to Blue ( Democrat ) in 2020.  Sadly for the Democrats, there are significant numbers of Hispanic voters who voted Republican in 2016, and probably will do so again.

So the Booker, O’Rouke, and Castro smackdown ended up making all three look like fools. There was no winner, just three losers.

Bill DeBlasio demonstrated that he was a good public speaker.  Unfortunately, DeBlasio has been unable to explain why New York has become such a mess under his lack of leadership.  Many believe that DeBlasio will go from 1% to 0% in the fake Democrat polls.

Elizabeth Warren, like Booker and O’Rouke, continues to misidentify her ethnic background.  While she had some common sense and did not apologize about not being Native American enough, she did promise higher taxes for those Americans who pay taxes and especially cautioned the evil corporations that they would have to pay more.  At this point, I had to take an anti-nausea tablet to help me get through the full two hours of nonsense.

Amy Klobuchar stated that she was a winner and that she would continue to be a winner.  Unfortunately Klobuchar displayed a total lack of sincerity and presented herself as insincere and unethical.

John Delaney, Jay Inslee, and Tim Ryan stated that they were really nice guys and left viewers wondering what positions they held.  Viewers wondered if all three would poll at 0% next week.

The Democrat Debate on 6/27/19, was even more worthless than the debate of 6/26, if that were possible.  Bernie promised that all taxpayers would pay a lot more under a Sanders Administration.  Those on public welfare were delighted, except those who still wanted a job. But most of the job seekers had gone to work under the Trump economy.

Joe Biden stated that he liked Negroes and that he was not a racist.  I suppose that Joe Biden’s son likes Ukrainians best, especially those who helped make him rich.

So, I asked myself some questions:

1) Of these 20 people, do any appear to be sane and have common sense.  Yes, Tulsi Gabbard appears to be sane and have common sense.

2) Was there a candidate that appeared to have a high set of ethical standards?  Yes, Tulsi Gabbard displayed a high set of ethical standards.

3) Have any of the candidates served with distinction in the U.S. Military? Yes, Tulsi Gabbard served with distinction.

4) Would I consider voting for any of the 20 candidates in 2020? Yes, I would consider voting for Tulsi Gabbard if she could explain in detail her economic policies and her economic positions.  Her support of Bernie Sanders in 2016, is not a deal breaker for me if she has a sane and sensible economic plan.

R. Van Conoley


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