A Letter To President Trump

Dear President Trump:

You and I are the same age.  Like you, I never smoked, abused alcohol, nor ever used illegal drugs.

Unlike you, I have studied nutrition and biochemistry for more than 50 years.  I suffer from arthritis and it is painful.  As a young man I remain thankful that I was healthy.  But as a young man I carefully observed my relatives on both my mother’s and father’s sides of the family.  I noticed that almost none of my older relatives ever suffered from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or kidney disease, but almost all were victims of some form of arthritis which started in their early 50’s.  Genetics does indeed play a great factor in our health.

The American medical establishment wants to treat arthritis with knee replacements, hip replacements, and other forms of surgery which are often painful to the patients but extremely profitable to the surgeons.  Sometimes the surgery does very little to help the problem and sadly sometimes the surgery can damage the patient and even expose the patient to bacterial infections.

Understanding osteoarthritis is so very simple that I will explain it in one easy to understand sentence.  Osteoarthritis occurs when a connective compound between bones, known as cartilage, wears out and is not replaced.  The destruction of cartilage allows one bone to come in direct contact with another bone when the cushioning cartilage is depleted.

Cartilage is a special compound that is different from bone.  Many Seniors your age and mine take two compounds found in cartilage called glucosamine and chondroitin in hopes of growing new cartilage and curing their pain and their arthritic condition.

Unfortunately, God or evolution or both, did not make human life that simple.  Research has very clearly shown that certain biochemical compounds are produced in smaller quantities as people age, especially individuals over 50 years of age.  Cartilage is a compound that is under produced in older individuals and there lies the source of pain and arthritic aging.  My research focused on one very simple question.  What compound, if any, would safely promote the growth of cartilage in older adults ?

The answer to that question can be found in a gland that lies deep in the brain.  It is called the pituitary gland.  The pituitary gland produces a small number of protein hormones.  One of the hormones produced by the pituitary gland is called Human Growth Hormone and is abbreviated HGH.

Several decades ago, HGH was called the anti-aging hormone.  While HGH can not turn back the clock and make me and you like we were when we were 20 years old, HGH can effectively and safely reduce many problems associated with aging.  HGH can promote cartilage growth in many individuals who suffer with arthritis from deficiencies of cartilage.

For your information, Mr. President, the FDA today allows the use of HGH in two groups of people: 1) Children with dwarfism, and 2) Adults over the age of 60 who test low in HGH and have a valid need for HGH. The FDA, correctly in my view, banned HGH for the use in healthy young adults solely for the purpose of increasing athletic performance. The FDA ban relating only to athletes has made it impossible for a law abiding citizen like me to obtain HGH.

Since you have been so extremely kind and considerate as to allow Americans with terminal diseases to take FDA medications not yet approved and you have been so kind and decent as to aid Americans who suffer from kidney disease, would you please consider a way to allow Americans with painful arthritis to take the FDA approved and legal drug HGH ?  I believe that millions of Americans with arthritis would be extremely grateful.

Most respectfully,  R. Van Conoley   _____________________________

Editor’s Note: There are several forms of arthritis which are slightly different from osteoarthritis. These forms of arthritis, while similar, involve an auto-immune aspect.


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