To My Loyal Readers

I have enjoyed writing articles for this website for nine years.  There is a fee that I must pay on a yearly basis in order to have this platform.  I pay on a yearly basis and I decide each year if I wish to renew my website.

In the past it has been relatively easy. I just called the website phone number and in a few minutes a real person came on line to talk with me and to encourage me to purchase more products that I neither wanted or needed.  However, I was always polite and listened carefully to the individual’s sales pitch.  Then I declined all these unneeded new options and renewed my website for another year.

I have called several times in the past few weeks and have listened to a long and somewhat strange message that required me to press numerous numbers to speak to someone.  After pressing an unusually large number of prompts, I was informed that my wait time would be 28 minutes.  I have a great deal of patience for important things in life, but it is beyond the pale  to wait for a half hour on a cell phone in order to speak to a person.  So I tried again and the wait time was 60 minutes.  My wait time limit is about five minutes.  So, I never got to speak to a real person and this may result in the demise of my website.

Many years ago while working on my B.A. Degree, I was asked by a professor if I would like to work in an independent study program for four semester hours of college credit in the field of psychology.  Obviously this professor had a higher view of my intelligence than I did because independent study courses were only offered to the brightest and the best.  I agreed and worked with a professor on the inchoate and somewhat arcane field of learning theory and psycholinguists.  In simple terms this means I studied how people learn and how people communicate.

My work confirmed what I had already figured out and that was that people really have a hard time communicating with each other.  I was required to learn and apply some really high powered mathematical equations to justify my conclusion that human communication is complex and too often misunderstood.

This research was done before the time when people had personal computers in their houses because PC’s were not yet on the market.  Today the misuse and unwise use of electronic devises, in my view, makes communication much harder.  When I called my website to complete a simple business transaction, there message went something like this: ” Welcome to our automatic system. Press one if you are calling to actualize your domain; Press 2 if you have an existing website; Press 3 if you would like to increase your customer base; Press 4 if you are a midget; Press 5 if you speak Chinese; Press 6 if you believe in Jesus; Press 7 if you do not believe in Jesus; Press 8 if you are a Serbo-Croat; Press 9 if you are troubled by your sexuality; Press 10 if you are a White Nationalist; Press 11 if you are living in the U.S. or the Solomon Islands; etc. etc. Press 130 if you really believe that you will ever get to speak to a real person. Press star to hear this message again.  The wait time is approximately 42 minutes. ”

R. Van Conoley  ( So gentle readers, if this website disappears in September, I would like to thank you humbly for your loyal readership.  If the website is still available in September, it would mean that I actually got to speak to a real person. )

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