Black Lives Do Not Matter To Democrats

There was a tragic mass shooting in Odessa, Texas recently in which seven innocent people were killed.  The murderer was in a psychotic rage and used an illegal weapon.  I find it strange that none of the democrat presidential candidates who want to change the Second Amendment to our Constitution in order to curtail gun violence avoided asking one common sense question.  How did this man obtain his firearm ?  The media covered this story in great depth and I thought that was appropriate because it was real news and not just fake news.

In the City of Chicago this weekend seven innocent individuals were killed and 34 other individuals were injured.  These numbers are not uncommon for Chicago where so far this year 1,800 individuals have been killed by gun violence.  Surprisingly only one of the democrat presidential candidates even bothered to mention the violence in Chicago.  I also find it interesting that the news media took little notice of the Chicago murders this weekend.  Certainly it was newsworthy.

The democrat party has started and encouraged a movement called ” Black Lives Matter.”  When sane and sensible people stated that ” All Lives Matter,” the democrat party called them racists ! Saying that all human lives matter is racist !  How racist is that statement ?

Yes, there is racism in the U.S. today.  From my viewpoint, the democrat party is the party of hatred and racism.  Heine suggests that what Christian love cannot do is effected by common hatred.  Hatred has been a common unifying agent for mass political movements for over a thousand years of recorded history.  The pathological democrat party has attempted to unify people to their cause through hatred and Black racism rather than through common sense and ideas to make America a better country for all.

The bizarre buffoons of the New Socialist democrat party seem fascinated with race and ethnicity. Humorously, President Bill Clinton referred to himself as the first Black President.  The only problem is that Bill Clinton is White.  His deranged wife and former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, seems to believe that she is a Negro !  Before the 2016 Presidential election, Ms. Clinton gave a speech using an antiquated Negro dialect ! Can anyone just imagine what would happen if a republican presidential candidate gave part of a speech using an antiquated Negro dialect ?

But the democrat wackos do not seem to ever stop with their nonsense.  Senator Elizabeth Warren claimed to be an American Indian or a Native American as it is now called.  Genetic tests proved scientifically that Ms. Warren had been lying for years and had no more genetic markers for a Native American than the average White citizen.

Clearly the main reason that the New Socialist democrat party is so obsessed with race and ethnicity is because they have no sane and sensible ideas about how to govern the United States !

While everything coming from the New democrat party is pure nonsense, the Black Lives Matter movement is a different ball game.  Black Lives Matter is pure racism and an insult to all Americans.  It is designed to instil hatred into Black citizens and divide Americans to benefit the pathological democrats.

Black on Black violence in America is a national disgrace and the democrat party will never discuss this situation.  Just look at Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and a number of other American cities.

If either Senator McCain or Governor Romney had succeeded in defeating Barack Obama, neither could have matched Obama’s vast and boundless ennui in regards to the poorer Black Americans.  I had great hopes that Obama would have reached out and helped poor Black Americans improve their economic situations, their educational opportunities, and helped unify them into the American Dream.

But no, Obama was too busy partying with his Hollywood elite friends and enjoying a number of luncheons with his good buddy, Warren Buffett. If the head of the Ku Klux Klan had been elected president, he could not have done less than Obama to help Black Americans in the poor regions of the U.S.

Donald Trump asked the wrong question to Black Americans when he asked: ” What have you got to lose? ” Trump should have asked: ” What have you got to gain ? ” Clearly Black Americans have gained a lot since Donald Trump became president.

Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s former bagman, seems to have some memory problems.  He recently stated to some Black citizens: ” They want to put you back in chains. ” I believe that Joe Biden will get confused while on the campaign trail and believe that he is talking to his old Senate buddy and former Klansman, Senator Robert Byrd.  Biden might finally tell the truth by imagining that he is speaking to former democrat and former Klansman, Robert Byrd.  Biden might say something like: ” Let me assure you Senator Byrd. Our party does not care anything about Black lives.  The only thing that democrats care about is Black votes for our candidates.  Our democrat party has the sense to keep the Negroes in economic and educational chains while offering to buy their votes with welfare and reparations.  Trust me Robert Byrd and if this is not true then I am not Joe Biden. ”

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: The bizarre Irishman known as Beto, who like Ms. Warren has misidentified his ethnicity, really got my attention by posting his teeth being cleaned ! This clearly demonstrates his vast knowledge of economics and displays his in depth understanding of international relations.  I would like to advise Beto not to have a genetic test like Ms. Warren because I have a very strong feeling that he has a genetic code unknown to the planet earth ! )

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