Impeach The Motherf***** T-Shirt

There are basic rules of civility that exist in all societies throughout the world.  There are basic rules and norms that all members of society must observe.

When Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib stated in public that she wanted to impeach the ” mother***** “, I naturally assumed that the U.S. House would censure her or more likely expel her. She was referring to President Trump.  When told about this incident in 2019, President Trump had the dignity not to bring himself down to the pathological level of Rashida Tlaib.  He stated that he was sorry that Tlaib would talk this way in front of her son who was present.

Just when I thought that the Democrat Party could not get any lower or sleazier, the democrats have done it again.  All the democrats have is name calling and sleaze to offer the citizens of this great Republic !

On 9/30/2019, I searched on my computer to confirm that there is a political T-shirt with the message which reads: ” IMPEACH THE MOTHERF****** .”  Since I do not use profanity on my website, the T-shirt spells out the word Motherf****** .

The T-shirt is listed on the Amazon website under Amazon Fashion and it is offered in different sizes from small to 2XLarge for both men and women.

I fully understand and fully support the Constitutional right of free speech.  However, free speech does not give a person the right to yell fire in a crowded theater.  Also, in my view, my granddaughters who attend public school should not have to sit in a public school classroom where a student is wearing this type of vile and reprehensible T-shirt.  I find it hard to believe that any sane or sensible parent would buy a T-shirt like this for one of their children.  I believe that it was P.T. Barnum who stated: ” Few businessmen have gone bust by underestimating the taste of the American public. ”

When I first heard about Rashida Tlaib, I assumed that the U.S. House would censure her and that would be the end of the matter.  Article 1, Section 5, of the U.S. Constitution provides that ” Each House of Congress may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member. ” Since 1789, the Senate has expelled fifteen of its members.  The U.S. House has also expelled members.

Now I am going to exercise my Constitutional right of free speech.  I expect republican members of the U.S. House to bring expulsion charges against Tlaib.  Any republican member of the House who fails to vote for expulsion of Tlaib, does not represent my views. Since I am fully aware of the election laws in the U.S., I know very well that I may make a legal political contribution to any member of the House or the Senate. Any republican in the U.S. House that fails to support a bill of expulsion  regarding Ms. Tlaib will be voting in opposition to my will and political beliefs.  I will make a very serious attempt to make a legal contribution to the opponent of any republican House member who failed to vote for expulsion of Ms. Tlaib.

R. Van Conoley  ( I published an article on this website titled: ” Give A S*** Motherf*****.” It was a satire and I did not spell out the profane words.  I believe that I will take the article down because this is not a laughing matter.  The satire was designed to criticize members of the House who were supporting the “street people ” who live on our public streets and roads in certain regions of the U.S. Of course, the democrat party has been too busy supporting new forms of taxation to consider any real legislation that would help U.S. Citizens. Additionally, some of the “globalist billionaires” who fund some of the violent thugs who attack law abiding citizens as proxies for the democrat party, may find indictments issued against them as political terrorists. )

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