Andrew Yang And The 2020 Elections

After I completed my fifth college/university degree, my father said: ” Son, you may be educated beyond your intelligence level. ”  I do not believe that my father meant this in an unkind way, but he often made these types of ” Yogi Berra” statements.  In reality, my desire to obtain a number of graduate degrees was because I never wanted to be unemployed as an adult and I wanted a higher salary as I got older.

In the mid-1980’s after I had completed my first graduate degree, I decided to take an advanced course in mathematics before I began I began another graduate degree program.  All 35 seats were filled at the beginning of the course.  After the mid-term exam was returned, the class only contained four students.  I was one of the four students.  All the other students withdrew.  I was surprised that of the four remaining students, I was the only non-Asian.  I asked the three remaining students if they would like to form a study group and their reply was: ” We already have one. Please join us.”

Besides learning the needed mathematics, I could not help but learn new things from my new friends.  My three Asian friends were extremely proficient in math and were very patient and seemed to enjoy studying.  They displayed a belief in individual responsibility and hard work.

While I have never voted for or against an individual because of either race or religion, I had become a Sinophile due to my past experiences.  Before I had heard any of the democratic debates, I decided that Andrew Yang was my favorite candidate.  After listening to the democrat debates, I was absolutely amazed that the candidate that I thought was the least desirable was Mr. Yang.  While Mr. Yang has a pleasant personality, his advocacy for a ” Freedom Dividend ” is one of the most inane things that I had ever heard.  The freedom dividend is a vile, reprehensible, and ludicrous concept.  The idea of Universal Basic Income is nothing more than another from of welfare and pandering to individuals who are dumb enough to believe that the government will provide them free money for doing nothing.  It is a shameless Ponzi scheme that would even embarrass P.T. Barnum.

Possibly the reason that Mr. Yang is so different from my Asian friends is because my friends have graduate and doctorate degrees in science, engineering, and mathematics.  Mr. Yang is a lawyer.  When in law school, it is possible that Mr. Yang did not take courses in tax law, securities law, or in economic based laws in general.  Surely Mr. Yang is smart enough, I devoutly  hope, to understand that the government does not have any money that it earned.  The government obtains 100% of its’ money from taxation, fees, fines, and tariffs.

Mr. Yang’s nonsense clearly demonstrates that the democratic party has no realistic nor any sane and sensible ideas. The democrat party today continues to promote racism, political hatred, welfareism, helping illegals, promoting criminal behavior, and destroying our Constitution.  It is very sad.  I had hoped for much more.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: This website published an article titled: ” Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, and Julian Castro. ” This article is recommended for individuals interested in the 2020 election.

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