Advice To Tulsi Gabbard

After reading your outstanding Tweet, I researched your website.  I really admire greatly your wise and truthful comments about Queen Hillary.  Be extra careful, she might send her husband, Bill, over to molest you.

Your statement about Hillary being the embodiment of corruption seems to define Ms. Clinton perfectly.

Might I respectfully suggest that your website should accept a person’s name and address if they wish to donate money to you.  I do not usually admit that I am over 39, but I have been on this earth for about seven decades.  While I have a number of college and university degrees, I am an ” old fashioned ” guy that would never list my charge card number on any website listed on the computer.   I bet that there are a lot of people that might wish to donate some funds to your campaign legally but would only do so by writing a check.

Sadly your campaign has no campaign address and no phone number.  If your campaign website accepted an address of an individual who did not wish to donate to you by charge card for whatever reason, your campaign could send the individual a form by mail and the supporter could fill out the card and mail a campaign check to you.  Also, some Senior citizens, who are well known to turn out on election day, often wish to contribute only by checks.

I suggest that you run your campaign in a way that invites all to contribute to you, even those who wish to mail your campaign a check.  I would bet that 60%, or more, of citizens over the age of 55 years would be comfortable if they could donate to you by way of checks.

Also, I really liked your statement at the end of the campaign debate about the word aloha.  You were the only candidate that spoke about respect.  That means to me that you have respect toward me and wish to engender respect between people.

Thank you for your distinguished military service to our country.  Good luck to you.

R. Van Conoley ( I suppose that it is OK to like both you and Donald Trump.  Both you and Trump have been treated reprehensibly by the corrupt and fake news media.  I was glad that you had the strong courage to condemn the false news stories about you. )


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