Matt Gaetz – A Leader With Courage

Matthew L. Gaetz, II, ( dob 5/7/1982 ) is a lawyer and a U.S. Representative serving the People of Florida in Florida’s first congressional district.

The Democrat party initiated an unheard of impeachment inquiry behind closed doors !  The democrat party is the majority party of the U.S. House and Nancy Pelosi is the leader and the Speaker.  Unfortunately, Ms. Pelosi and her democrat associates have changed the longstanding and customary rules of fairness and justice which have existed in the U.S. House.  Ms. Pelosi and her associates have changed customary and just rules to prohibit republican members from participating in one more witch hunt directed at President Trump.

Democrat party frontrunner for the 2020 presidential democrat primary, former Vice President Joseph Biden, stated publically that while he was Vice President under Barack Obama he threatened the President of the Ukraine. Biden told the Ukraine President that if he did not stop an investigation into corruption in the Ukraine, that he ( V.P. Biden) would terminate U.S. aid to the Ukraine ! Biden even gave the Ukraine President a strict time to terminate the corruption investigation.

The President of the Ukraine met Joe Biden’s demands. V.P. Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was with his father on this trip to the Ukraine.  Hunter Biden was expelled from the U.S. Military for the misuse of illegal drugs.  Nevertheless, Hunter Biden allegedly received over 1.5 BILLION dollars from the Ukraine and China which could not possibly be viewed as anything other than an outright bribe to Vice President Biden and the Obama Administration !

Recently an unknown individual, WHO HAD NO FIRSTHAND KNOWLEDGE of a call made by President Trump to the new Ukraine President, contacted member(s) of the democrat party in the U.S. House and claimed that President Trump had committed an illegal act. Any sane and sensible individual can easily understand  that the democrat actions in the U.S. House are not only illegal and unjust, but are designed to damage President Trump politically.  The unknown individual has claimed whistleblower status although he is not legally entitled to have this status since he has no firsthand knowledge.

No matter how vital people believe the role of leadership is in a political movement, a potential leader can not create conditions which make the rise of a political movement possible.  There has to be an eagerness to follow a leader.

However, once the stage is set, the rise of an outstanding leader is indispensable !  An outstanding leader needs the iron will, the daring, and the vision to mobilize existing individuals into a powerful movement.

Representative Matt Gaetz had the wisdom and the courage to assume the leadership against a corrupt and reprehensible democrat party in the House.  Matt Gaetz moved from a little known congressman to a powerful leader and has mobilized individuals in the House to oppose the unconstitutional, sleazy and illegal actions of some unethical democrats in the U.S. House.  Mr. Gaetz, with his courage and his intelligence, has moved to the front of the line and is the de-facto leader of a Constitutional movement which places him as the third most powerful man in the U.S. today.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: Mr. Gaetz earned his B.S. Degree from Florida State University and earned his JD Degree from William and Mary. )

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