Pearl Harbor – The 78th. Anniversary

On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Forces of Japan attacked U.S. Military forces at Pearl Harbor.  Congress declared war against Japan and the U.S. entered World War II.  Today the U.S. continues to act like an occupying force in Japan.  I believe that the U.S. has shown great compassion and given great assistance to Japan.  Now it is time for the U.S. to reduce American forces in Japan and view that region of the world from the realities of the 21st. Century.

As an American, I can not fully express my everlasting appreciation to the men who fought and died in World War II to keep America safe and free.  I hope that President Donald Trump will develop a more modernistic policy toward the Pacific Asian region that will support the U.S. interests in that region while allowing other countries in that region to determine their own policies.  I commend President Trump for meeting with President Kim Jung-un of North Korea.  I hope that President Trump can arrange at least a short term understanding with North Korea in 2020.  As an American, I would be satisfied with a short term “treaty” between the U.S. and North Korea that would prohibit the production of new nuclear weapons in North Korea without demanding that North Korea comply with every single demand that Mr. Trump has requested so far.  Mr. Trump’s efforts are indeed a step in avoiding World War III if he can complete a “phase 1 ” or a “part 1″ of a treaty with North Korea.

R. Van Conoley







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