CIA Scum and NSA Hero

This article is about two men. They are John Brennan of the CIA and Mike Rogers of the NSA.  CIA is the acronym for the Central Intelligence Agency. NSA is the acronym for the National Security Agency.  Both are intelligence agencies of the U.S. Government and are designed to keep America safe by collecting information.

John Brennan was appointed to the highest office in the CIA by President Barack Obama.  Since the fake, and sometimes totally false, news media in the U.S. frequently does not provide Americans with a full and fair account of the news, this website will.

John Brennan was a radical who voted for the Communist Party Candidate for President.  This is perfectly legal, but it is most unusual to apply for CIA employment four years after voting Communist and having Brennan’s radical background.  For unknown reasons, Brennan was allowed to join the CIA and became a ” desk analyst. ” He wanted the more exciting job of case officer, but he failed badly and never recognized this ambition. So Brennan remained at the CIA for years and gained seniority.  After more than two decades at CIA, John Brennan decided to leave the CIA and work in the private sector.

When Barack Hussein Obama became President, he took a close look at Brennan.  Since President Obama was trained in political corruption, money laundering, extortion, bribery, and political intimidation by the extremely corrupt Mayor Richard Daley Organization of Chicago, Obama recognized a potential recruit for his organization.  Obama reached out to Brennan and brought Brennan into the Obama Administration.

Obama came to Washington as a well trained political crook.  Well trained political crooks know how to manage corrupt political organizations.  So Obama appointed the Communist sympathizer to a position in the Department of Homeland Security.  It appears that when Obama recognized that Brennan was loyal to him and not to the U.S. Constitution,  Obama appointed Brennan to be director of the CIA.

Brennan as Director rearranged many of the internal sections of the CIA to suit his purposes and to assist his new god, Barack Hussein Obama.  Interestingly the news media seemed totally unaware of this and Brennan and his background were never discussed by the fake and false news media.

Both the Director of the CIA and the Director of the NSA have the highest levels of clearance to an electronic database of information gathered by U.S. Intelligence.  It is illegal for both the NSA and the CIA to gather information about U.S. Citizens in violation of the U.S. Constitution. So to prevent abuse, the U.S. Government has established a ” secret court” called the FISA Court.  The FISA Court was established by the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act.

It is legal for U.S. Intelligence to spy on foreigners, but it is not legal to “run a complete” spy program on an American Citizen without reason and permission from the FISA Court. So, members of the FBI, CIA, Justice and other agencies petitioned the FISA Court to spy on Carter Page. It turned out that Carter Page was a law abiding American Citizen who was not involved in any way with any illegal activity.  But Carter Page was a very distant friend of Donald Trump.  So when the FISA Court allowed U.S. Intelligence to spy on Carter Page, any and all calls and contacts made by Page were electronically recorded.  So assume Mr. Page called a restaurant to make a reservation and spoke to Joe Smith. Since this is not a criminal action, nor a clear and present danger to the U.S., Joe Smith’s name would be “masked” or covered up in the written transcript of that call.  If Intelligence has reason to believe that Joe Smith is really a bad guy, his name may be uncovered or “unmasked.”

It turns out that the Obama Crime Family joined the Clinton Crime Family and effectively became the Obama-Clinton Crime Syndicate for eight years.  The Obama-Clinton Crime Syndicate used Carter Page as an excuse to spy on Donald Trump and all of his associates.  John Brennan, and most strangely, Samantha Power greatly assisted the Obama-Clinton Crime Syndicate.  Samantha Power unmasked many of the individuals that Carter Page spoke with.  Many assume that Samantha Power did mush of the unmasking so Obama could say: ” I did not unmask anyone.”

Admiral Michael Rogers, NSA Director, learned that there was a great deal of unmasking taking place that was extremely unusual.  Before the Obama-Clinton Crime Syndicate could do more damage, Admiral Rogers informed President Trump that he had been spied upon.

When President Trump learned this, he immediately decided to move his family and his staff from Trump Tower. This is clearly the highest form of treason against President Trump, the U.S. Constitution, and the American People.  The multiple acts of treason directed against President Trump constitute the greatest threat to our Republic since the founding of America.

Now Attorney General William Barr must unravel the entire treasonous conspiracy against President Trump and America.  It is clear that the Obama-Clinton Crime Syndicate criminalized the FBI, the Justice Department, and with Brennan’s help, the CIA.

It would only be fitting and proper for A.G. Barr to seek convictions of treason against all individuals involved who knowingly assisted in this vile and reprehensible conspiracy. Treason is a capital crime and individuals convicted of treason can be put to death.  As an American, I believe that capital punishment should only be applied for the most serious of criminal acts.  What act could be more acceptable for the use of capital punishment than  high treason against a legally elected President ?

R. Van Conoley

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