Hillary Clinton Contacts Carlos Ghosn

On January 1, 2020, the National Security Agency intercepted an e-mail from Hillary Clinton.  Ms. Clinton’s e-mail was sent to Carlos Ghosn.  The e-mail is listed below as NSA Intercept 275-48-JA20.  It reads as follows.

Dear Mr. Ghosn, This is from Hillary Clinton in the U.S. I recently learned that you escaped from Japan.  I was delighted to learn that you are in a “safe house” in Lebanon with armed guards.  I also understand that you can not be extradited from Lebanon.

Like you, I have been investigated by a corrupt prosecutor in the U.S.  It appears increasingly likely that I may be indicted, arrested, tried, and convicted by this corrupt prosecutor.  In order to avoid jail, I need a safe place to hide out with some of my friends and loyal assistants.

Surely you are aware that my husband, Bill, and I managed the Clinton Foundation which received billions of dollars from governments throughout the world.  Unfortunately, I did not get elected President and it appears that I could be sentenced to jail for a long period of time.

Fortunately Bill and I managed to launder billions and billions of dollars into numbered bank accounts around the world.  I would like to suggest that you and I combine our vast resources to create a “safe haven” for many of my friends who will also be in dire need of a place where American Justice can not reach them.

I could provide you with a large amount of political power and we could create an independent country inside of Lebanon just like the Vatican is an independent country inside of Italy.  I suggest that we could call this independent country ” Carlinton.” Carlinton is a combination of Carlos and Clinton.  Also, Bill and I have stored some of our Foundation money in the form of gold bars which remains safely stored in several banks in the Far East.

If you could obtain about four square miles of land, I can promise you that Carlinton will soon become the richest per capita country in the world.

I suggest that you and I talk in greater detail about this excellent idea.  Together we can make this happen.

Warmest regards, Hillary Clinton




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