John Brennan Contacts Carlos Ghosn

On January 7, 2020, the National Security Agency intercepted an e-mail sent by John Brennan.  John Brennan’s e-mail was sent to Carlos Ghosn in Lebanon.  The e-mail is listed below and is NSA Intercept 276-53-JB26.

Dear Mr. Ghosn, My name is John Brennan and I was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency for five years.  I served Barack Obama while he was President.

My close friend, Hillary Clinton, suggested that I contact you.  Hillary explained that you both are considering setting up an independent country in Lebanon called Carlinton.  I believe that this is an excellent idea and Carlinton would become a safe haven for American Citizens who are in need of a safe haven from the corrupt American Justice system.

While I was CIA Director, I violated many U.S. Laws at the direction of President Obama.  Barack and I were sure that Hillary Clinton would be elected President in 2016 and all of our crimes could then be covered up so that they would never see the light of day.  Unfortunately Donald Trump was elected President and now an untouchable prosecutor has collected vast amounts of evidence that I committed many crimes including treason.  Therefore, I would like to join you and the Clinton Crime Family at Carlinton.

With my background as Director, I could bring a great deal of valuable information and an unbelievable amount of priceless information to Carlinton.  While I was Director, I helped the Clinton Family launder billions and billions of dollars collected by their Foundation.  I have acquired many unique skills over the years while working for the CIA.  I have vast knowledge about the various criminal networks throughout the world.  I remember, many years ago, when Bill Clinton was just a little known Governor of Arkansas. Bill Clinton arranged for ex-CIA pilots to fly aircraft loaded with illegal drugs from Central America into Arkansas.  The pilots pushed out of the aircraft cartons of illegal drugs into a field guarded by Clinton’s State Police.  Then the drugs were brought into the criminal drug network in the U.S.  Clinton then used portions of that money to finance his campaigns and to pay for political favors.  But I am the man who showed the Clinton Crime Family how to launder vast sums of money into the international banking system.

But most importantly Carlos, you need me.  I am 100% certain that Japan will try a ” grab operation ” in order to defeat your security and take you back to Japan for trial.  If I become the director of security at Carlinton, I will have a “net” of absolute protection over the entire region that can not be breached.  I can protect you totally with 24 hour a day protection.

I have about $ 85 Million American dollars available to me in numbered bank accounts around the world.  I suggest that you and I talk in the very near future in person.  My protection from the Clinton and the Obama Crime families will soon come to an end as the untouchable U.S. Federal prosecutor gains federal grand jury indictments.  Time is very important.

Warmest regards,  /s/ John Brennan

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