Epstein Associate Contacts Carlos Ghosn

On January 30, 2020, the National Security Agency intercepted an e-mail sent by Ghislaine Maxwell.  Ms. Maxwell’s e-mail was sent to Carlos Ghosn in Lebanon.  The e-mail is replicated below and is NSA Intercept TC-468-2020-GMCG.

Dear Mr. Ghosn:  My name is Ghislaine Maxwell and I was born in 1961, in France, the ninth child of a dysfunctional marriage.  I was born just two days before a car accident left my brother Michael at age 15 in a prolonged coma.

Being ignored a great deal by my family, I began to experiment sexually with older men while I was still underage.  My youthful actions led me later to an association with Jeffrey Epstein, a man who liked to have sex with underage females.  You must know that Jeff Epstein was murdered while in a very high security federal prison on August 10, 2019.  Epstein was an international financier and a convicted sex offender.  Jeff began his life as a teacher where he traded high grades to underage females for sexual favors.  Jeff then worked at Bear Sterns before forming his own financial firm.

I became an executive assistant to Jeff Epstein and I helped Jeff procure young girls aged twelve to sixteen for use as sexual assistants in Jeff’s businesses.  Jeff’s financial business grew and he bought several multi-million dollar mansions in the U.S. Jeff had one of his mansions built on an island in the Virgin Islands.

Jeff also owned a Boeing 727 plane nicknamed the ” Lolita Express. ” The plane had a bed installed where group sex with underage girls often took place.  Jeff often invited the rich and famous for trips on his plane.  Jeff quickly knew if one of his VIP guests was sexually attracted to any of the underage girls on his staff.

What most people do not know is that Jeff had extremely high quality video cameras secretly placed in the bedrooms of his mansions and in the bedroom of the Lolita Express. Epstein secretly recorded sexual sessions between his VIP guests and the underage girls.  I, Ghislaine Maxwell, trained and mentored the young females in many aspects of sexual activity.

Even fewer people knew that Jeff Epstein had a large collection of high quality CD’s that depicted the many sexual acts between the VIPs and his young staff.  Former President Bill Clinton is recorded on five different CDs.  Four of Clinton’s CD’s involved underage girls. But one of the CDs with Bill Clinton involved moderate bondage between Clinton and a Black dominatrix.  On that CD, Bill Clinton is lying on a bed face up with both hands and both feet tied to the bedposts.  The Black Dom asks Bill Clinton if he likes Nig*** Pussy. When he says yes, the Dom refuses her sexual favors until Clinton sings a song about Nig*** Pussy.  Jeff and I used to watch this video and laugh until tears flowed from our eyes.

However, Jeff’s CD collection is extensive and contains sex videos of six democratic congressmen, four democratic Senators, and five democratic governors.  It contains recordings of many other famous people.

I believe that Jeff’s downfall began when Donald Trump expelled Jeff from his hotel in Palm Beach County.  Trump is alleged to have said: ” I do not want that pedophile on my property at any time. That scum is bothering my female staff.  Keep him out. ”

Carlos, this brings me to my important point.  I made copies of every single sex video ever recorded by Jeff.  I knew that I might need them for insurance against my life.  They are kept in a safe place and if anything happens to me, several friends have instructions about how to distribute the videos.  I knew that Jeff would be re-arrested again sometime.  He was and then he was murdered in a federal prison.

After Jeff’s murder. the FBI obtained a warrant to search all of Jeff’s properties and the FBI discovered and removed all of the sex videos along with other evidence.  But the FBI does not know for sure that I have copies of all of the videos.  This protects me at the present time.

I believe that President Donald Trump will announce that the Epstein sex videos exist about ten days before the November 3, 2020, election.  I also believe that Trump will play some portions of these videos on TV that show at least the faces of his democrat tormentors.  Then I believe that Trump, through the Attorney General, will order my arrest.

Therefore, Carlos, I would like to offer you something far more valuable than money and gold.  If you offer me safe haven on Carlinton, I will give you all of the videos and one million dollars American.  Yes, I have heard about the free and independent country of Carlinton inside of Lebanon just like the Vatican is an independent country inside of Italy.

I plan to meet you inside of Lebanon and would like to finalize this deal.  Time is of great importance and I hope to conclude this deal with you by August 10, 2020.

Best wishes, /s/ Ghislaine Maxwell.

( Editor’s Note: Interested readers can read other articles relating to Carlinton by typing into the search box, Carlos Ghosn, and then type go. The articles will appear.  All readers should remember that: ” The truth will set you free. ” )



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