U.S. Attorney John Durham and Attorney General Barr and Sean Hannity

While many law abiding Americans may be pleased with the very modest progress made by U.S. Attorney John Durham and his boss, Attorney General Barr, the fact remains that there is a presidential election in six months.  Information and prosecutions that happen after November 3, 2020, may seem like a total whitewash and a cover up.

Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham must keep in mind that 95% of the basic facts now known were clearly speculated and believed by a large number of law abiding Americans for three years.   Additionally, the statement by AG Barr that he did not see any basis for federal prosecutions for treason is somewhat amazing.  Treason against a legally elected president by the use of the criminalization of the FBI, Justice Department, and CIA are the highest forms of treason against the U.S. and the American People.

I have never seen such a clear case with so much valid evidence against such a large group of former high level Americans.  Clearly the question in the minds of Americans is can an unelected group of corrupt Americans in high level positions easily violate U.S. Laws and avoid punishment ?

The embarrassing situation involves the very low level of intelligence of media reporters on the left and the right.  When I watch CNN and MSNBC, I expect to see and listen to hate filled and biased false news designed to damage the republican party, President Trump, and conservative Americans.  Yet, I find the dim witted Sean Hannity to present as much fake and misleading news from the right.  The dimwitted Hannity can turn a twenty second question into I three minute diatribe.  Additionally, Hannity has stated again and again that 99% of FBI agents are honest and hard working.  Where is his research to prove this fact which is clearly false ? Hannity seems to be a complete buffoon sitting in judgment of the FBI mainly because his father was a prison guard.  If Hannity had one scintilla of intelligence, he clearly would have concluded by in depth research that the top level of the FBI administration is now and has been rotten to the core. A very basic level of common sense would clearly indicate that many agents in the FBI were clearly aware of Comey’s criminality.  The FBI has clearly misused its power and authority and has done so increasingly every since Judge Webster left as Director of the FBI. It is long past time when Trump should have removed 100% of all FBI agents in the top level of the FBI and replaced them with law abiding individuals.

If Barr and Durham can not understand that the top administration of the FBI was criminalized by the Obama-Clinton Crime family and at the same time the Obama-Clinton Crime family was using John Brennan of the CIA to aid, abet, and assist in treason against a legally elected President, then there is no hope for our Republic.  One of Trump’s persecutors is widely known for sentencing known innocent individuals to jail to support a political cause.  I know that John Durham is 100% aware of this grave injustice because John Durham helped an innocent individual obtain legal information that was kept from him.  Both Durham and Barr are honest individuals and I had great faith that these honorable men would solve this nightmare of public corruption.  However, I believe that criminal indictments must be sought before June 30, 2020.  The American People have the absolute right to know vital information before the November 3, 2020, Presidential election.

R. Van Conoley   ( After observing some of the scum in the administration of the FBI, the old cross dresser, J. Edgar Hoover and his penis sucking partner, Clyde Tolson,  do not seem quite so bad.

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