Joe Biden, Donald Trump, William Barr, and John Durham

As I reflect on Memorial Day 2020, I wonder very seriously if our great Republic will ever have another Memorial Day in the future.  It is not an overstatement to clearly state that the legal works of Attorney General William Barr and the Chief Prosecutor John Durham will indeed determine, in my view, if the U.S. remains one united country.

A.G. Barr and Mr. Durham are investigating the most serious of criminal actions that have taken place in my lifetime and in the entire lifetime of our Republic.  For years I have been hearing speculation in the media about the criminal actions of Donald Trump and the criminal actions of the democrat party and the criminal actions of the Justice Department and the criminal actions of the CIA and the criminal actions of the FBI.

Presently, only one thing is certain.  It is certain by any reasonable and sane standard that Donald Trump did not collude in any way with the Russian Government against the citizens of the U.S.  The Mueller Commission’s report clearly demonstrated that the entire Russian accusations against the Trump Administration were totally false and not one scintilla of evidence existed to demonstrate any wrongdoing by Donald Trump.  The testimony of Mueller before the U.S. Senate was an embarrassment to our great republic.  Mr. Mueller, in his sworn testimony, seemed even more confused than Joe Biden. Joe Biden often gets confused as to what state he is in and who he is married to.  But Mueller seemed confused as to where he was and it soon became obvious that Mueller did not even have a basic understanding of any work performed by the Mueller Committee.

The Mueller Committee clearly was not designed to uncover any facts.  If it had been, Mueller would have to have said that his committee was only designed to destroy, harass, and damage Donald Trump and his administration. Sadly, many in the media became partners in crime with the democrat individuals who criminalized the highest levels of the U.S. Government.

The democrat criminals, and other criminals in the Washington Sewer, were much more successful against former DIA Director Michael Flynn.  Recently released documents have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that General Flynn did not lie to the FBI, but that he was the victim of a criminal action by the FBI.

Now A. G. William Barr and his Chief Prosecutor John Durham are moving forward through the U.S. Justice system and surely will bring indictments against hundreds of people.  It would be completely immoral for me to state who I believe is guilty and who is innocent.  However, the number of individuals and the criminal charges that are yet to be filed are staggering.  Watergate involved the indictments of 69 individuals and resulted in 48 criminal convictions.  The Barr-Durham probe, I believe, will result in at least 100 indictments and most will be adjudicated guilty due to the staggering amounts of evidence.

It is only five full months and a few days until the Presidential election takes place in the U.S.  Obviously, many crooks in the democrat party who unhesitatingly violated U.S. Laws and committed High Treason against the American People, hope that the election will result in the election of Joe Biden. They hope beyond reason that a Biden election will allow the democrat party to finally succeed at what they started, namely the destruction of Donald Trump and a complete cover up of the many criminal actions.

However, Justice cries out for the criminal convictions of those individuals who have committed criminal acts and the total exoneration of the innocent.  Yet, the entire process of justice which is required, will take more than five months.  Therefore, it would be obscene if Trump were elected and he attempted to pressure Barr-Durham for harsher actions and more criminal indictments than justice demands.  It would also be obscene if Biden were elected and he pressured Barr-Durham to white wash the facts. Therefore, both Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden need to assure all American Citizens that the Barr-Durham investigation will remain free of political pressure so American Justice can act for all citizens in our Republic.

I support a stronger ” protective cover” for both Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham.  The forces of the “deep state” have shown just how reprehensible they can become.  The murder of Jeffrey Epstein in a federal prison clearly demonstrates the actions that are available.  The attempted destruction of General Flynn and the ongoing attempted destruction of Alan Dershowitz demonstrate that the criminal elements in the deep state remain powerful and capable of new and additional criminal actions.

I respectfully ask Attorney General Barr to immediately take all necessary legal actions to obtain all documents and video recordings from the Jeffery Epstein case and place them under the legal protection of A.G. Barr.  Additionally, I respectfully ask Attorney General Barr to facilitate the extradition of Julian Assange from the U.K. to the U.S.  Reports indicate that Mr. Assange will soon suffer the same fate as Jeffery Epstein if action is not taken. Mr. Assange appears to be another victim of the deep state just as General Flynn, Donald Trump, and now Alan Dershowitz have been.

As an American, I fully trust Barr-Durham to bring justice to this sordid, criminal, and treasonous operation activated by the most vile of criminal elements in the U.S. Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden need to pledge allegiance to the U.S. Justice system and clearly state that the Barr-Durham investigation will not be modified for political reasons from either the left or the right.

R. Van Conoley

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