Dr. Rand Paul, President of the United States

Dr. Rand Paul’s latest book titled: ” The Case Against Socialism,” was even better than I had hoped.  Published in 2019, it remains on demand from people who order books from the public libraries in my area.

Dr. Paul’s book expanded my knowledge base and was very readable. Dr. Paul made his case against Socialism in an extremely comprehensible manner.

There were several stories in the book that I found very amusing.  The first happened at a social event when Dr. Paul was seated next to Joseph Stiglitz. Joseph Stiglitz is an economist and a Nobel Laureate.  Stiglitz is an economist who is as far to the left as Dr. Paul is to the right. Even though Stiglitz is a left leaning economist, I greatly enjoyed reading all of his books.  As Dr. Paul attempted to engage Stiglitz in a conversation, that Stiglitz would not have won, Dr. Stiglitz ignored Rand and turned his attention to his guest on the other side.

The second incident involved Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu in 2013.  After a speech to Congress, Netanyahu received a standing ovation. Dr. Paul was criticized by some in the media for ” not clapping enthusiastically enough ! ”

I believe that Dr. Rand Paul would make an excellent President of the U.S. at sometime in the future.  Sure, I like Vice President Mike Pence.  If the Trump-Pence ticket is re-elected in 5.4 months, then Pence will have the best opportunity of obtaining the GOP nomination for President in 2024. Pence could not make a better selection for Vice President in 2024 than Rand Paul.  That would be Rand Paul’s opportunity to be elected President after the 2024 election.

I view Rand Paul as a combination of three great American Presidents.  They are 1) Thomas Jefferson, 2) James Monroe, and 3) James Garfield.  In the meantime, read Dr. Paul’s book. It is outstanding.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: James Garfield was the 20th. President of the U.S. serving from March 4, 1881 until his untimely death on September 19, 1881.  I believe that Garfield was the smartest man to have ever been elected President. Sadly, his early death was the result of an assassination.  Garfield was a man born into a family of modest means and most of his profound knowledge was self taught. )

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