Leadership From Tucker Carlson

When conditions are not ripe, no potential leader, no matter how gifted and intelligent, and no matter how just his cause will be able to assume the awesome role of high leadership.

In pre- World Ward II Britain, the future leader, Churchill, was in the eyes of the public continuously.  But the will to follow him did not exist.  It was only when disaster shook the country to its foundations did Churchill emerge as a leader.

Today, June, 2020, in the U.S., the stage is indeed set and an outstanding leader is indispensable.  Tim Walz, John Harrington, Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blaiso, Cory Booker, and Eric Garcetti are elected individuals with power and a desire to fill a leadership role if accepted by the American People.  All of those just mentioned have used the powerful medium of TV and all of them have looked like greater fools and in the long term injured their reputations and damaged their credibility.  They look like fools, incompetents, and even psychopaths.

Yet in this time of crisis and anarchy, one person has emerged as a Churchill like individual with a calm and sensible voice of pure reason.  Tucker Carlson has emerged and many people from all backgrounds are ready to follow him.

Tucker Carlson did not want nor did he expect to develop such a following.  Carlson is an author and a TV host on FOX network.  Tucker Carlson does have a parallel in U.S. History.  James Garfield emerged as a leader in 1879 to 1880 in spite of all of his attempts to avoid a leadership role.  Garfield was essentially forced to accept the GOP nomination for President in 1880 because honest members of his party were disgusted with the lawless and incompetent Grant.  He was elected President in 1880.

Much like Garfield, Tucker Carlson has become a leader in 2020 to an amazingly large number of People.  While Donald Trump will become the GOP nominee in 2020, Tucker Carlson may be forced into a political position after 2020.

Joe Biden, the presumed democrat nominee for President in 2020 lacks all the skills needed for leadership and independent thought.  Yet he is strongly supported by the far left extremists in his party and the anarchists that survive to promote change through chaos. The anarchists know full well that Joe Biden would be President in name only. The anarchists and the criminal element inherent in the new democrat party plan to get rid of Biden after two years, if he is elected, by declaring him incompetent under a Constitutional Amendment. This would then allow the anarchist elements to control the democrat party with about ten billionaire globalists and the non tax paying poor of American society.  Remember about half of the adults in the U.S. do not pay taxes.  Now the anarchist democrats are free to destroy the honest and law abiding middle class in America and change our Western Civilization forever.

Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, stands in sharp opposition to the new Biden-Clinton-Anarchist Party.  But what of the eloquence of Tucker Carlson and his growing leadership among Americans? The anarchist democrat party has no one individual that can match Tucker Carlson, however; the anarchist democrat party has a massive number of electronic journalists, if indeed they can be called journalists, who will run a 24-7 news cycle against Donald Trump and Vice President Pence.  The anti-Trump members have no concern about the truthful presentation of facts and claim absolution under the First Amendment of free speech.

November 3, 2020, will indeed be a day of great significance for Americans.  Also, it is not clear how the Biden-Trump debates will be conducted.  With the terrorist and violent actions recently seen in the U.S., security for the traditional Presidential debates must be a great consideration.

R. Van Conoley   ( Editor’s Note: Like 99% of Americans, I am totally appalled by the unneeded and unnecessary death of George Floyd.  The police officer, Derek Chauvin, deserves a fair trial and due process that is granted to all Americans.  Therefore, I will not comment on Mr. Chauvin, except to say that I hold the Governor of Minnesota 100% responsible for his apparent failure to regulate the police forces in Minnesota.  I also hold the Commissioner of Public safety, John Harrington, 100% responsible for the unnecessary death of George Floyd. Clinical psychologists do not know everything, but it is a good idea to have a psychological review for all officers who carry a badge and a gun. )


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