Continuous Slanders Against Donald Trump

The continuous slanders directed against Donald Trump are becoming more vile and difficult to believe.  A group of treasonous individuals, who vastly misused their power to destroy Donald Trump, will soon be indicted by Attorney General Barr.

Those who are outraged by the illegal actions of a number of unelected bureaucrats at the Justice Department, the FBI, and the CIA should approach the discussion in a different way.  Clearly there was abuse of power and clearly the bureaucrats committed serious and numerous acts of high treason.

Without violating the rights of individuals to have a fair trial, the discussion should center about the acts of high treason by numerous individuals.  Short jail terms for a few individuals would be the greatest injustice ever committed in the U.S. There are at least 100 individuals who participated in the treason against the legally elected President, Donald Trump.  Those who held high office, mostly appointed by President Obama, have vast and overwhelming evidence that can be presented to a court of law against them.

Donald Trump is in a position, as victim and President, of not being able to make statements that could damage the right to fair trials of these individuals.  Whether a person likes or dislikes Trump, all law abiding Americans must demand fair and speedy trials for the individuals involved.  If A.G. Barr and Mr. Durham do anything less than request the death penalty for those involved and convicted of treason, the justice system will be viewed as a system to punish the poor and weak and to slap powerful and rich people on the wrist by showing mercy when no mercy is called for nor appropriate.

R. Van Conoley ( The U.S. Senate hearings are, in my view, enough to gag a maggot. Watching Senator Lindsey Graham question an individual who may soon be indicted for treason was disgusting and vile.  It is an attempt, about 2.5 years too late, by Senator Graham to demonstrate that he is concerned with law and order.  Senator Graham is only concerned with promoting his own Machiavellian self interests in the 2020 elections.  Senator Graham is much alike the dim witted Mitt Romney and the U.S. Senate would be a better place without either of these double dealing and double talking con men. )

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