Trump’s Problems : Analysis and Solutions

President Trump has problems.  Unfortunately some of the problems are of his own creations.  However, to be perfectly fair, President Trump has faced problems of high Treason like no other President with the possible exception of President Lincoln.

President Trump had a complex web of high treason directed against him just after his announcement for office.  While President Lincoln knew full well that the Southern states wished to withdraw from the Union, President Trump had very little information of just how complex and nefarious and how large the act of high treason was in its’ complexity and how deeply many of the members of this plot were imbedded into the bureaucratic positions of the U.S. system.

Today, four months before the presidential election on November 3, 2020, it is extremely clear to any sane and sensible American of the nefarious and illegal and treasonous actions of the top levels of the FBI, the CIA, and sadly the U.S. Justice Department’s highest officials.

It is mainly up to Attorney General Barr to act and to act as rapidly as possible without harming the innocent.  However, there is one area that the President has not acted wisely in my view.  I do not believe that President Trump fully understands the wise warnings of President Eisenhower about the Military Industrial Complex.  Clearly the general Public and the President both understand that the opposition party, the Democrat Party, can sometimes work with him and sometimes work against him.  However, I have never seen a democrat party so vile and reprehensible as the democrat party of 2016 to 2020.

What the President does not seem to understand is that he is the Commander and Chief of all forces of the U.S. military.  No member of the U.S. military has the right to criticize the Commander, the President, while in the uniform of the U.S. military.  If a member of the military criticizes the President while in uniform, he can be terminated and removed. If a member of the military wishes to criticize the President, he should resign from the military and then he is free to criticize the President as much as he wishes.

During the Korean War, General Douglas MacArthur seemed to believe that he was as important or even more important than his Commander, President Truman. MacArthur was correctly removed by President Truman.  President Trump can do the same with any and all military personnel today.  What I do not believe that President Trump fully understands is that the ” Military Industrial Complex ” that exists in Washington today is as Machiavellian as any special interest group that dumps reelection money on their favorite representatives and Senators.

What President Trump must understand is that some military generals, all of whom are under his command, are already trying to ” cuddle up ” to the Democrat Party in case the democrat party wins in 2020. Borrowing a line from George H.W. Bush, ” Watch my lips.” Watch my lips when I tell you that you will not find one active duty general that would advocate for LESS military spending.  Watch my lips when I tell you that 100% of all active duty generals will advocate for more military spending.  Watch my lips when I tell you that when high level generals retire from active military service, many become highly paid lobbyists for the ” Military Industrial Complex. ”

To help Americans and President Trump understand the nature of the Military Industrial Complex, I have converted some spending numbers to percentages from President Obama’s term. You of course remember that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Of the billions and billions spent, here are the results for one year during the Obama administration of world military spending.  Of the top five countries in the world, the U.S. spent 70.2% of the total.  China was second with only 12% of the total.  Britain, France, and Russia came in at 3rd., 4th., and 5th. place with about 6% each.  Now take a look at those numbers very carefully.

For readers, and hopefully President Trump, there are a number of very factual articles on this website relating to the Military Industrial Complex.  To locate and read these articles, simply type ” Military Industrial Complex ” into the search box and click go. Do not type the quote marks into the search box. Six very informative articles will appear and the data is accurate and I am very careful to separate the facts from the opinions presented.  “Wasteful Defense Spending – F-35 ” is an example of very wasteful defense spending.

In summary, I hope that President Trump terminates a number of military personnel.  He is the President and he is the Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. military forces and he does not have to give any reasons for his actions in this area.  However, if Trump terminates some military personnel, it would be totally worthless if he can not replace that individual, or individuals,  with a persons of higher integrity, higher intelligence, and a higher allegiance to the U.S. Constitution.  President Reagan brought in James Webb to assist him with military morale and to advise him in military matters.

Mr. Trump appointed Mr. Barr as Attorney General, and I truly believe that Mr. Barr will promote justice and serve the American People first and foremost.  Now Mr. Trump must find a Secretary of Defense and high level military generals who will serve the interests of the U.S. Constitution before the Machiavellian interests of : 1) Lockeed-Martin, 2) Boeing, 3) Northrop Gruman, 4) General Dynamics, 5) Raytheon, and many more.

R. Van Conoley


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