Truthful Information About the Coronavirus or Covid-19

There is a lot of talk and discussion about the Coronavirus.  Unfortunately much of it is misleading or just plain false.  This article attempts to give you factual information so you can better understand the situation.  This virus has even taken on a political shade of unsupported facts. The left wing liberal democrat party presently promotes the position that everyone is probably going to die if they do not wear masks when outside and lock themselves away when not outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  The Republican Party has a much more open view and states that masque wearing should be optional, but encouraged.  The political concern is due to the fact that the democrat party does not want President Trump to hold rallies where thousands of his supporters chant U.S.A. This issue will end, I hope, on November 3, 2020, when America votes for the office of President and other elected offices.

This website published an article which attempted to explain to non scientists what an amino acid is and how amino acids bond to form proteins.  The article also attempted to explain the basic structure of a virus.  It was the first article published on this website where the main comment was: ” You did not explain enough ! ” OK, here is another try with more information. ( Type Covid-19 into search box; click go and the article will appear.)

People keep hearing the word Hydroxychloroquinine.  It certainly sounds impressive.  How did the scientists ever think of this.  In fact, the scientists deserve very little credit.  There is a compound ( molecule ) called Quinine.  The chemical formula is:               C20 H24 N2 O2 . Quinine was isolated from the bark of the Cinchona tree in Peru. Jesuit missionaries learned of this from the natives in the region and sent the bark to be used around the world to treat malaria.  Since big Pharma could not patent a natural substance like Quinine, they modified the molecule and named it Hydroxychloroquinine.  Now big Pharma could sell this drug and it was effective in the treatments of malaria, Rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus (LE).

It turns out that Hydroxychloroquinine was also helpful in treating the Covid-19 virus in people.  The FDA moved quickly, much too quickly, to state that the compound was not effective in treating Covid-19 viruses.  It turns out that a patented drug remains under patent only so long. Then any pharmaceutical company can make it and the price drops a great deal.   Pure greed, does not allow an inexpensive drug to cure anything when an expensive drug can be sold to the public.  So scientists went to work, and behold, the FDA was wrong and indeed the Quinine derivative did indeed work and save lives and help people with Covid-19.

Another topic is a vaccine. Everyone was hoping that a vaccine could be developed to prevent Covid-19.  I am surprised that so many MD’s bought into this scenario. Just think, a cure all that will wipe the evil Covid-19 virus off the face of the earth.  People must keep in mind that modern medicine has no cure or effective treatment for: Alzheimer’s disease, 2) ALS, 3) Parkinson’s Disease-although there is a semi-effective treatment in the early stages, and 4) Tuberculosis.  On the positive side, the Bubonic Plague of 1346 to 1353 that wiped out a huge portion of Western Europe, and the rest of the world, can now be treated by streptomycin and/or ciprofloxacin. ( Editor’s note: A few Americans each year get bitten by fleas that usually ride on ground squirrels. When the individual has the Plague, a dose of antibiotics can result in a 100% cure rate and modern medicine can detect this bacterium known as Yersinia pestis in the ill patient. )

So why can’t the scientists make a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus ? Viral infections are much harder to “cure” than bacterial infections.  Your body makes antibodies that are sometimes called immunoglobins to fight both bacteria and viruses.  Viruses are better at hiding in the human body than most bacteria.

Now the news reports that Covid-19 is taking over the world and killing everyone when the left reports and the right reports that the death rate from Covid-19 is decreasing.  Whom should you believe.  When a person is tested for Covid-19, and that person has no fever and feels great, he/she can still test positive.  Doctors call that asymptomatic. Asymptomatic individuals are rapidly increasing BECAUSE MORE PEOPLE ARE BEING TESTED. Asymptomatic positives have some degree of immunity against Covid-19. Scientists and MD’s do not know how long the antibodies produced will remain active against Covid-19 nor do they know how much immunity is present.

As far as a vaccine, I hope that one can be developed.  When I was a child, I used to hear adults say: ” When are they going to find a cure for the common cold? ” That was 60 years ago and they have been searching for a cure for the common cold for more than 100 years. so far they have never developed one.  Also, the flu shot that people are encouraged to get is by no means 100% effective against preventing the flu.  Nor is it 90% effective, nor 80% effective, not 70% effective at prevention.  Sadly there is not a cure for all known diseases. Yet the asymptomatic positives may be the first step in greatly reducing the Covid-19.

Some vaccines are extremely effective, some are moderately effective, and others are so ineffective, I wonder why the FDA cleared them for public consumption.

My opinion, stay well and take a safe dose of Vitamin C each day. Vitamin C is safe and as Linus Pauling explained, need daily in the human diet. Hey, I just wondered if people who catch the Covid-19 virus have a high or LOW level of serum  Ascorbate. That would be a great study to correlate the serum Ascorbate ( Vitamin C level in your blood ) level with ability to develop the symptomatic acquisition of Covid-19. But it will never happen. Big pharma does not want the public to know how vitamins and other nutrients prevent disease.

R. Van Conoley ( Although they were not here with me, I must thank Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. Isaac Asimov for teaching me so much through their great books. )




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