Why A Conservative and A Constitutionalist Will Not Vote For Trump

I am a Constitutionalist. Many people also believe that I am a conservative. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016.  My vote for Trump in 2016 represented the first time in forty years that I voted for a major party ( Democrat or Republican) candidate for president.  I voted in every election since I registered to vote at the age of 21. At age 21, I registered as a democrat because I lived in the South and the republican party was less powerful in that region than many third party candidates.

Times change, people change, and political parties change.  I have changed by getting older; I really did not have a choice there.  However, my basic distrust of politicians and political parties has been with me throughout my life.  I would like to correct a statement made by a conservative commentator on TV. The commentator stated that there was only two choices in 2020. You could vote for Trump or Biden, he stated. Totally false ! There is almost always third party candidates seeking election in presidential elections. Some are sane, but most are little more than a joke and could not handle the job of president.  But you as a voter and resident of the U.S. are allowed to write in the name of a person that you feel is best qualified for president.  In some states, the election officials lie and state that you can not write in a name. Just ask for the Supervisor of elections and call the local newspaper, and like magic it happens that write in names are permitted.

Borrowing a line from President Nixon: ” Let me make this perfectly clear.” Under absolutely no circumstances could I vote for Joe Biden, who was nothing more than a very slow witted bag man for the ultra-slick Barack Obama.  However, I can and most probably will, write in a name for the office of president because I can not vote for Donald Trump.

The reason that I can not vote for Trump is because I consider Trump to be a coward. On this website, I published two articles that you may wish to read. They are titled: 1) ” The Extraordinary Option – Martial Law.” This article was published on May 11, 2017;   2) ” Is Donald Trump A Coward? ” The second article was published on April 21, 2019. Both articles will immediately appear on this website if you type into the search box the words: Martial Law.

The president can impose martial law under Article 1, Section 8, and Clause 15 granted in our U.S. Constitution.  If you do not understand what Martial law entails, I strongly urge you to read the two above referenced articles. Recently, the U.S. has become a country in which an anti-American revolution is taking place. Many people have been killed, buildings have been burned, innocent people have been injured, and law enforcement officers have been degraded because liberal democrat governors, democrat mayors, and democrat city officials have given aid and comfort to these treasonous and violent individuals, incorrectly named peaceful protestors.

Donald Trump could have and should have ended this treasonous terror by declaring Martial Law. Unfortunately, Trump lacked the courage to take this action. The job of a president is to “protect and defend” the Constitution of the U.S., and to protect and defend the citizens of the U.S. against crime and terrorism both of a foreign and a domestic nature.  Under Martial Law the President has absolute power and can suspend any city, county, or state law that aids and abets terrorism and violent crime. Hence, the President has absolute and sole authority in all areas under Martial Law.  Too bad Trump was such a coward.  The terrorists, aided and abetted by scurrilous democrat crooks would murder Trump and every member of his family if they could. Already law abiding individuals are being arrested by local democrat crooks for defending their homes, their family, and their property.

Under Martial Law, Trump could order the arrest of city, county, and state elected officials that aid and abet the violent criminals and terrorists now destroying America. He has not because he is a coward. Under Martial Law people will be injured and killed, but innocent people today are already being injured and killed.

R. Van Conoley   ( In the 2016 Presidential election, much was made about the small size of Trump’s hands. This was a reference that Trump’s penis was also small. In one debate, Trump stated that everything below his waist was correct in size. He was in effect stating that his penis was of normal size. Unfortunately, Trump forgot to state that he had no balls ! )

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