Bernell Trammell Will Live Forever In History

If there is one single event in the history of 2020 that will destroy the obscene myth that the rioting in the year of 2020 was motivated by a need for racial justice, it was the horrific murder of Bernell Trammel.  Mr. Trammell was a Black man who wanted justice for the death of George Floyd and at the same time was a strong supporter of President Donald Trump.

Mr. Trammell, 59, operated a small business in Milwaukee where he created signs and publications.  Neighbors reported to local police that Mr. Trammell was sitting in a lawn chair outside of his business on July 23, 2020, when he was murdered in broad daylight.

The sadistic and terrorist movement that has swept across the U.S. has been strongly supported by many in the news media by referring to armed terrorists as peaceful protestors.  A majority of the mainstream media in the United States have not even covered the death of Bernell Trammel because he was a Black man supporting Donald Trump and displayed signs that encouraged Mr. Trump’s reelection.  The “news” reports that the ” police were looking for a suspect in the shooting” and stated that there is not a known motive for the shooting.

How many sane and sensible Americans can believe that there was no known motive for the shooting.  Mr. Trammell stated that he was concerned that his life was in danger and was afraid that he might be killed for his political views.

With the 2020 terrorists tearing down statues in public places, I believe that congress should fund a large statue of Bernell Trammell and place it on the White House lawn to remain there forever to remind Americans that this man gave his life for free speech and the U.S. Constitution.  The failure of local police, under the supervision of locally elected Democrat officials, have effectively encouraged terrorists to commit criminal actions by allowing arrested criminals to be released the same day without bail.

The 2020 Terrorists have also attempted to murder and destroy the popular television host, Tucker Carlson.  Tucker Carlson has displayed the courage to cover all aspects of the 2020 Terrorism and presently the New York Times is planning, it is reported, to divulge Mr. Carlson’s home address and other personal information.  Mr. Carlson’s home was attacked by terrorists in recent years.

While does not encourage any form of violence, sane and sensible people must wonder when law abiding citizens who support the U.S. Constitution are going to confront the terrorists with weapons for their protection.  Law abiding citizens have recently seen law abiding citizens arrested, and their guns confiscated, for the sane act of defending their lives and the lives of their families.

Trump has the power to declare Martial Law and end this violence, yet he has so far only posed with a Bible in front of a Church in Washington D.C. It is extremely clear to all sane and sensible Americans, if the Federal Government does not move quickly to restore civil law in the U.S., the Democrat party and their terrorist associates will steal the 2020 election by mailing counterfeit  ballots to millions of Americans and the terrorists, funded by the Democrat Party, will direct their Fascist terrorists to burn down the voting centers where Republican voters have a large majority.  The threat is real. The threat is clear. Yet the Federal Government has not even been able to arrest and convict the Terrorists that committed Treason against President Trump that began clearly in 2016, and continued to create more crimes using false documents bought and paid for by the Clinton-Obama-Biden Crime syndicate. What good is any Federal Government that works against the freedom and liberty of the American People ?

R. Van Conoley

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