The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 1

While it may appear to some that the 2020 Mass Terrorist Movement in the U.S. was a spontaneous event, it was not.  The movement had its beginnings just before Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president.  The Clinton-Obama-Biden crime syndicate had an inchoate and somewhat arcane structure in place to promote the Machiavellian interests of Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign.  The Hillary Clinton political machine of 2015-2016 did not form to attack Donald Trump.  The Hillary Clinton political machine was designed to destroy anyone who opposed Hillary Clinton in any way.  As Donald Trump gained power and political recognition, he became the sole focus of the Clinton machine.

Many Americans have, at best, a moderate understanding of history.  Even fewer Americans have an understanding of mass movements. This website was created with the purpose of informing American Citizens about important events transpiring in our Republic that were not being reasonably reported by an unbiased media.  The French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Crusades, and the Nazi movement are just a few examples of mass political movements that have transpired in world history.

All mass movements, be they religious, political, or nationalist have a number of common characteristics.  All mass movements must generate in their supporters a proclivity for united action and even a readiness to die for their cause !  All mass movements must breed fanaticism, enthusiasm, fervent hope, and fervent hatred for any and all who oppose them. All mass movements demand absolute faith and absolute allegiance.

While each mass movement is different in doctrine, ALL DRAW THEIR SUPPORTERS FROM THE SAME TYPE OF INDIVIDUALS and all movements must appeal to the same mind set.  Having stated this information, it must also be remembered that all mass movements are not equally beneficial or equally harmful to society. The Clinton-Obama-Biden sponsored mass movement of 2020 is a movement designed to destroy much of society without any morally redeeming values.  As opposed to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, which helped create a more just society in America, the 2020 movement is only a terrorist movement of destruction employing Donald Trump as the Devil who must be destroyed.

The superior individual, whether in science, literature, politics, or business plays a large role in the shaping of a nation and any mass movement.  Unfortunately, so do individuals at the other extreme – the failures, the misfits, the outcasts, the criminals, and the human scum who are unwelcome in the ranks of any civilized society.

Hence, history is made by the best and the very worst elements of society over the heads of the middle class. The reason that the inferior elements exert a marked influence on society is because they are wholly without reverence toward the present. They view their lives and the present as spoiled beyond repair and they are ready to wreck and destroy both.

The psychopaths and the human scum that comprise the 2020 Terrorists are protected, aided, and encouraged by the increasingly psychotic Democrat party.  The call by locally elected democrat politicians is clearly designed to encourage the terrorists to commit more violence and rioting and even murder.

As stated before, any mass movement consists of the worst and some of the best that society has to offer.  The best in 2020 consists only of some members of the super rich who fund this terrorist movement. Please read carefully below.

The remark that patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels has a less derogatory meaning.  Mass movements attract individuals who have a guilty conscience.  It seems that mass movements are made to fit the needs of the criminal and those with a guilty conscience.

I believe that Schwartz Gyorgy, born August 12, 1930, suffers from a guilty conscience.  You probably know of him by his other name, George Soros.  Soros today has $ 8.3 BILLION of his own money and controls another $ 32 BILLION that he “donated” to the Open Society Foundation.  In 1993, Soros told “60 MINUTES” that he ” had no sense of guilt” about helping Nazis rob fellow Jews. In 1940, Soros was a ten year old Jewish boy in Hungary disguised as a Christian.  He posed as a prominent Hungarian Godson of a Nazi in order to assist the Nazis in their searches to steal valuables from Jews.  Soros detailed his scheme in a 1993 PBS interview in which he admits to taking ” possession of large Jewish estates. ”

While Soros has stated that he had no regrets for his actions, I believe that Soros suffers from a guilty conscience.  Soros has channeled large sums of money from his ” Open Society Foundation ” to individuals who are directly and indirectly associated with the 2020 Terrorists.

Hillary Clinton is the de facto leader of the 2020 Terrorist movement.  Clinton was in a position to modify her ” dirty tricks operations ” into a mass movement directed at Donald Trump. Unfortunately Clinton was a former high ranking government official who recruited and criminalized other high ranking U.S. Government officials to commit high treason against the legally elected Donald Trump. Americans can be absolutely certain that Ms. Clinton will continue in this role unless Attorney General Barr’s associate, Mr. Durham, indicts quickly many former high ranking individuals for serious crimes.

R. Van Conoley


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