The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 2

Donald Trump’s words have weight.  When he was a candidate in 2016, he was a private American Citizen.  His cleaver use of the English language helped to elect him to the highest office of President.  Yet, Trump who is a man of extremely high intelligence in some areas failed to understand that it was morally necessary for him to modify his verbal messages after his election.

Indeed, a vast majority of the American People find Trump’s “straight talk” to be a welcome change.  The double dealing, double talking, duplicitous individuals who comprise much of Congress are extremely offensive to a majority of the American People.

Today, as President, Mr. Trump must guard his public statements since he is the Chief Executive of the United States.  As a fellow human, I fully understand the frustration that Trump must feel from the treasonous conspiracy illegally launched at him before and even after his election.

However, the long ” American nightmare ” is soon to end.  Attorney General Bill Barr has acted with integrity and Barr’s chief prosecutor, John Durham, will soon act in behalf of the American People.  As a law abiding American Citizen, I fully understand that every individual indicted in the totally false and treasonous conspiracy against Donald Trump must be entitled to a fair and unbiased trial.  Hopefully those guilty will be adjudicated guilty and those innocent will be adjudicated as not guilty after a trial where both sides will be allowed to present their evidence.  The amount of evidence that many criminal acts were committed by many different high ranking individuals within the government is absolutely overwhelming.  It appears to be a case that Mr. Durham absolutely can not lose.

Yet, reporters will continue to shout questions at President Trump while the case is in progress.  Trump must make this statement or a very similar statement: ” While I have very deep feelings about the indictments and trials now taking place, I must totally refrain from making any statements. All of the individuals who have been indicted are entitled to a fair trial.  Therefore, I shall refrain from making any public statements in this matter. ”

If Trump made a public statement that stated that an indicted individual was guilty, he could allow the defense to use his statement to show bias and allow a very guilty person to walk free ! I commend Attorney General Barr for his public statement that he discouraged President Trump from making any statements about the indictments or the trial.  Bill Barr has clearly shown that he will use his authority in a fair and just manner and will not permit even the President to interfere with the judicial process.

Recently Attorney General Barr was called before a committee in the U.S. House. The democrats on that committee did everything to intimidate the Attorney General. The democrats were rude, vile, disrespectful, and failed to show the Attorney General the civilized behavior that civilized people should display.  Yet, A.G. Barr answered every question as best as he could even though the democrat committee members frequently cut him off before he could finish answering questions. ” Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength ” is an aphorism that applied to every single democrat on that committee.  The democrat criminals who violated so many laws hoped that the vile and reprehensible behavior toward the Attorney General would frighten and intimidate him.  Mr. Barr avoided bringing himself down to the level of the democrat scum on that committee by acting with honor and dignity.

Since A.G. Barr could not say it, I will. Every democrat member on that committee was a piece of human scum without a scintilla of decency and were devoid of any redeeming value as Americans and elected members of congress.

Those convicted of criminal acts will have many years in jail to contemplate their treasonous actions against the American People and our Republic.

R. Van Conoley ( In basic fairness to the American Public, I believe that it is incumbent for Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham to release any and as much information as possible as soon as possible. It amazes me that almost all elected democrats would join in a de facto conspiracy to damage President Trump and destroy themselves by aiding and assisting in a clearly known series of criminal actions. )




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