The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 3

Many law abiding middle class Americans continue to watch in horror as more and more violence, looting, and rioting continue in certain regions of the U.S.  These honest and hard working Americans are at a loss to understand what is happening and why it is happening.

Most of the violent protestors on the streets are the misfits of society. They seek a salvation, not from a corrupt society, but from themselves.  These misfits usually find it by losing themselves in a collective mass political movement.  Sadly the citizens have failed to ask and understand fully why such an increasing number of younger Americans fall into the category of misfits and psychologically disturbed individuals.  The answer is obvious.  The public educational system in the U.S. is a product of the far left and socialist ideology.  Young children, who are any ethnicity other than Black, are taught that they are racists and that racism is there fault. They are taught to feel guilty for their racism. The U.S. educational system has become a psychotic branch of the Democrat Party.

The NEA’s slogan should be ( NEA = National Educational Association ) : ” So Johnny can not read. Who cares? That is no problem as long as he votes for the Democrat Party when he becomes an adult. ”  The issue of Charter Schools has become a liberal versus conservative issue for a number of years.  The present educational system in the U.S. spends more money per student than any other country in the world.  While there are indeed some qualified teachers and some qualified administrators in the present public school system, there are an overwhelming number of totally incompetent individuals who are so totally devoid of intelligence, common sense, and intellect in the present system that they would be totally unemployable anywhere else than an incompetent school system.

Parents should have the right to decide what type of public school their children attend.  The very rich can easily afford to send their children to quality private schools.  However, many working citizens can not afford this luxury and already a surprisingly large sum of money has already been extracted from them by taxation. But far, far worse is the low income public schools in some inner cities in the U.S. Many qualified teachers refuse to teach in these low quality public schools.  A surprisingly large proportion of teachers at these inner city schools are on drugs and medications and of course many utilize alcohol.

Our public educational system does not have to be this way. Many low income inner city public schools where learning is a failure have a Charter School in the same region where excellent test scores are produced.  Low income Black Americans are the main victims of these failing public schools and the parents know this. A Charter School is independent of the public school system in the region. The NEA, and the psychotics who support the present school system, understand that it comes down to money.  An example will help. If a Charter School is built in a region, the parents then have a choice of sending their children to the public school or the Charter school.  Suppose that each educational unit of tax payer money is $100.00. No Charter school means that the public schools in the region receive $100.00/ per unit of funding. Now suppose that a charter school is opened and 40% of the parents freely elect to send their children to the charter school. Then, 40% of the tax dollars would go to the Charter school and the public school’s funding would be 60%.

The Democrat party promises the public schools that they will always oppose Charter schools. The public schools support the Democrat candidates and the Democrat party.  The public schools, Kindergarten through graduate school, continue the socialist and Communist ideology !

Unlike Hitler, Stalin, and Cromwell who used nefarious political skills to create their own exacting mass political movements, Hillary Clinton used the long established structure of dirty political tricks to promote her psychotic movement against Donald Trump. Ms. Clinton had already criminalized the U.S. Justice Department, the FBI, and even the CIA. Now Attorney General Barr and John Durham are legally tasked with the difficult job of investigating the treasonous activities of the Clinton-Obama-Biden Crime Syndicate.

Cromwell’s death brought an end to the Puritan Revolution and the death of Robespierre brought an end to the French Revolution.  Only criminal indictments will bring a partial end to the 2020 Mass Terrorist Movement. The American People have a serious need to know the role played by the treasonous Democrats that was initiated and controlled by Hillary Clinton.  Justice cries out for a total and complete understanding of the events instituted by the Clinton-Obama-Biden crime syndicate.

America survived Watergate and America could survive this treasonous conspiracy if Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham can inform the American Public at least five weeks before the November 3, 2020 Presidential election.  Holding the election without the Attorney General’s indictments and other documents would ask the American People to decide the Presidential election without very relevant and important facts. Citizens should have no doubt whatsoever in their minds that if Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham can not meet the necessary time frame, the 2020 Mass Terrorist Movement will continue for four more years with many U.S. cities burning and much more violence in the Democrat Party controlled cities in America.

R. Van Conoley


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