The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 4

The world has changed greatly in the last few days.  U.S. Attorney John Durham was ready to file criminal charges against Kevin Clinesmith.  John Durham was appointed by the Attorney General, William Barr, as a special prosecutor. Clinesmith was an employee of the FBI.  He also was acting as a lawyer for the FBI when he changed a government document.  Clinesmith is alleged to have changed an e-mail that was used as part of the investigation into the charge of Russian interference.  Clinesmith has agreed to plead guilty to this charge according to his attorney.

Quite obviously the evidence against Clinesmith must have been overwhelming. While Clinesmith was not a very important individual in the FBI, his actions did allow a vast number of criminal acts to be committed.  Prosecutor Durham had the ability to seek a reduced sentence for Clinesmith if Clinesmith would testify, under oath, in a court of law about what he knew.  This will allow Prosecutor Durham to seek indictments against other individuals who committed crimes against Donald Trump, the Constitution, and the People of the U.S.  It has been alleged that Director James Comey knew that many criminal acts were being committed.

In addition to James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan is alleged to have been criminally involved in multiple crimes against Donald Trump, the Constitution, and the American People. As an American, I am saddened to learn that apparently very high level individuals committed numerous crimes in order to harm Donald Trump and promote the political agenda of Hillary Clinton.

The Special Counsel Investigation of Donald Trump known as Russia Gate, was led by former FBI Director Mueller.  While Mueller and his associates could not find any evidence that Russia tried to help one side more than the other ( Clinton versus Trump), members of the U.S. House indicted Donald Trump by impeaching him without a scintilla of evidence. Attorney Andrew Weissmann was the de facto leader of the investigation known as Russia Gate.  It has been alleged in the media that Andrew Weissmann had acted improperly and criminally as an attorney.  Houston attorney, Kevin Fulton, in November 2019, filed a motion in a Texas federal Court to unseal and unredact court records related to alleged misconduct by Andrew Weissmann.  Probably, John Durham will get to the truth surrounding all criminal allegations.

Since I am indeed over the age of 39, nobody seems to believe me when they ask my age. I was so disgusted with the 2020 Mass Terrorist Movement that I thought about voting for a third party candidate for President instead of Trump.  I am only about 2% interested in who becomes President in 2020. However, I have three granddaughters and I am 98% interested in who is elected President for their sake.   I probably will not be around in twenty years, but my granddaughters will be. Therefore, with the evidence that Mr. Durham and A.G. Barr will present, I plan to vote for President Trump because he is about as honest as any President can be. Jimmy Carter was probably the only President in the past 50 years who was more honest than Mr. Trump.  But America needs a President and not a Saint, so I am glad that we probably will never have another Jimmy Carter.

Even though I will probably vote for Mr. Trump, this website will continue to present clear, fair, and truthful information to the American People.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: Mr. Andrew Weissmann recently stated that individuals should not talk to or answer questions asked by Prosecutor Durham.  That sounds like obstruction of justice to me. It also sounds like a man who is worried that he could be indicted and tried before a Court of Law. Indeed it sounds like the warnings from a guilty person who is in effect saying” Don’t tell on me and I will not tell on you.” )

( Editor’s Note 2 – If Weissmann is indicted, I believe that I would like to fly to wherever the trial is held and take at least one of my granddaughters with me. It would be a good lesson for a granddaughter to learn especially if she is interested in becoming a lawyer ! )

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