The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 5

This website has endeavored to help Americans better understand what a mass political movement requires and how such movements operate.  This is the fifth article in the series.

As explained in previous articles, all mass political movements require blind obedience.  When Joseph Stalin forced scientists, writers, and artists to crawl on their bellies and deny their individual works of art or science or of literature, he was not just indulging a sadistic impulse, but was ritualizing the supreme value of blind obedience.

Individuals whose lives are barren and insecure show a much greater willingness to obey than self-sufficient and self confident people.  The frustrated and the misfits follow a leader mainly because he/she is leading them away from their unwanted selves.

The 2020 Democrat party is not leading Americans to a better world and a greater nation.  The Democrat party of 2020 is leading the misfits and the frustrated away from Donald Trump in spite of many worthwhile accomplishments achieved by the Trump administration.  Conversely, the Trump administration is leading Americans to a ” better world” where America can become greater for all Americans.  Sadly, many in the news media do not display fairness and balance in the presentation and analysis of the news.  With Chief Prosecutor Durham leading an investigation, it will be interesting if Mr. Durham discovers that certain members of the media knew in advance of the news presentation that the news presented was totally false.  If this proves to be the case, as it appears to be, members of the news media could and probably will be indicted as abetting and aiding criminal actions.  Just as Freedom of Speech does not give an individual the right to shout fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire present, Freedom of the Press does not give the press freedom to knowingly publish false information in order to promote a political agenda.  I have absolute confidence in John Durham to follow the Constitution and resolve many of the issues that are false and that have severely damaged America.

There is a great difference between a mass political terrorist leader and a leader in a free and open society.  In a basically free society, the leader can retain his/her hold on the people only when HE/SHE has blind faith in the wisdom and the goodness of the People.  This was indeed the reason for the political failure of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Ms. Clinton became contemptuous of the People and believed and displayed the belief that all men are fools ( or smelly Wal-Mart people). This led to Ms. Clinton’s defeat in 2016. Conversely, Donald Trump asked the People to join him and ” Make America Great Again.”

While Hillary Clinton is the chief leader of the 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement, the Clinton-Obama-Biden crime syndicate will soon break down and cease the promotion of a political victory, and focus on avoiding criminal convictions for high Treason and numerous other crimes. Bill Clinton, the great abuser of women, will probably be free from criminal prosecution for his crimes while he was President, but there appears to be overwhelming evidence that Mr. Clinton committed numerous crimes after he left office.  His sexual exploits with underage girls, is immoral not only by legal standards, but is a universal prohibition in every society in the world. It was indeed interesting to see and hear ” Pedophile Bill ” lecturing Americans at the Democrat Convention.

R. Van Conoley  ( Just a number of hours before the publication of this article, John Durham questioned, under oath, Obama’s CIA Director.  Since there are never any leaks from the Durham investigation, it remains unknown at this time what questions were asked and what questions were answered. However, this website believes that the above interaction will have profound affects on the U.S. )

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