The 2020 Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 6

Regardless of the importance of the role of a leader in a mass political movement, social and political conditions must be available to make the movement possible.

Hillary Clinton had over twenty years to study and analyze individuals to support her Presidential movement in 2016.  Ms. Clinton had the ability to Procrusteanize the lower level democrats into a modestly effective support group.  Donald Trump had no effective political organization to support his Presidential campaign after he had secured the Republican nomination.

Donald Trump had the innate skills needed to move upward in a very crowded field of Republican contenders.  Using his own exceptional intelligence, combined with an iron will, Trump gained the needed votes to secure the Republican nomination.  Then Trump did something remarkable.  Trump connected directly with the citizens of the U.S. and won the election.

Trump’s 2016 election victory was remarkable in every way.  However, Trump was not aware that his mass political movement was deficient in one important area.  For a mass political movement to prosper, the leader must have the absolute devotion of a loyal group of able lieutenants.  Trump did not have a group of able and loyal lieutenants ! Nor did he understand the need for them.

Hence, Trump allowed individuals whose loyalty was to Hillary Clinton and the democrat party to remain in his administration for far too long.  Had Trump been wise, hundreds of anti-Trump individuals would have been removed on day one of his administration !

While Trump has terminated some of the worst like James Comey, he still has a lot of snakes in his woodshed. If Trump had a scintilla of common sense, he would immediately terminate FBI Director Christopher Wray, which is the President’s legal right, and replace him with Trey Gowdy.

Many individuals believe that Mr. Wray is doing his best to be part of the ” cover up crew ” in the wake of recent Congressional testimony.

R. Van Conoley ( I do not dislike Sean Hannity. Also, I agree with many of his political positions. However, Sean is not the brightest bulb on the bush. Hannity stated over again and again, while wearing his FBI medallion, that he was sure that 99.9% of FBI agents were honest and hard working individuals. I wonder where Hannity obtained this information?  Was it from his mother who was a prison guard or while he was washing dishes?  The Clinton-Obama-Biden Crime syndicate succeeded in criminalizing a number of top level  FBI agents along with other top level agents in the U.S. Justice Department. )

( Editor’s Note: Mitt Romney is one of the dumbest individuals ever to be elected to the U.S. Senate.  Utah is a great state with many great people. However, I am appalled that Mitt Romney was elected to the Senate from Utah. I hope Romney will resign his position in the U.S. Senate, or at least change his party to independent like Bernie Sanders. )

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