The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 8

Just when I believe that the 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist movement can not get any worse, it becomes even more brutal and murderous.  Observing the terrorist movement nightly on TV stations that report real and factual news, I have a better understanding of the Puritan Revolution and the French Revolution.

It is becoming very clear that the U.S. is no longer under legal and Constitutional control and our Republic is in a state of anarchy.  President Trump is too much of a coward to declare Martial law and the democrat party aids and abets terrorists by defunding the local police. Democrat prosecutors, who have the job of protecting the public and the Constitution of the U.S., aid and abet the terrorists by failing to charge any individuals and allowing arrested individuals to go free without bail.  Sadly, I do not expect the violence and terrorism to end on November 3, 2020, with the election.

But far worse than watching innocent people being shot and often killed on TV, the U.S. has a serious pandemic that has killed over 200,000 Americans.  I attempted to explain the nature of a virus and published two articles on this website about the Covid-19 virus.

Let me be extremely clear in this article, there is a 99% effective and 100% safe cure for this virus that exists today.  The cure has been known for 500 years. The name of the chemical that cures or stops this deadly virus is called Quinine. Quinine has the chemical formula C20 H24 N2 O2.  Quinine was isolated from the bark of the Cinchona tree. The chemical was used by natives in and around Peru for more than 500 years to treat and cure malaria. The natives of 500 years ago had no idea how this chemical worked, all they knew was that it cured a deadly disease and prevented the natives from becoming sick from this terrible disease.

The terrible disease was malaria.  Jesuit missionaries learned from Peruvian natives about this compound, Quinine, and sent bark from the Cinchona tree around the world to treat the deadly disease that became known as malaria.  From the Latin, Malaria was a term with two parts: Mal, means bad and air means air. So the disease was called bad air and came to be called malaria.  People believed that this terrible disease came from breathing “bad air.” This was long before the germ theory was understood and accepted.

It turns out that malaria was caused by a Plasmodium parasite ! This parasite lives inside of mosquitoes. The Anopheles mosquito carries four different strains of this parasite.  When an Anopheles mosquito would bite someone the parasite would be transferred from the mosquito to the human.  The parasite would live and grow inside the human and in most cases would cause a terrible death.

People with malaria, even though they did not know about the disease, could be cured if they were given Quinine.  Today Quinine could be used to treat and cure the deadly Covid-19 virus.  In the U.S., the FDA sets far too many of the rules for what compounds can be sold by big Pharma.  Big pharmaceutical companies are not in business to help people; they are in business to make money. Big Pharma makes huge profits and charges outrageous prices for drugs.  Courts of Law have ruled that pharmaceutical companies can not patent NATURAL molecules found in nature like vitamin C, Vitamin B2, amino acids and many other nutrients.  So Big Pharma and many doctors push the totally false narrative that these compounds do not help people very much. They are very wrong.

Now it just so happens that a natural compound like Quinine can not be patented. However if just one atom in the Quinine molecule can be deleted, added, or placed in a different location on the molecule, the compound can be patented and sold at extremely high prices to make Big Pharma a boatload of profits !! Many years ago, Big Pharma modified the Quinine molecule to a compound called Hydroxychloroquinine. Hydroxychloroquinine did the same thing in the human body as plain old Quinine, but the Hydroxy-Q could be sold as a pharmaceutical drug ! Big pharma could make a boatload of money and Big Pharam’s stockholders were very happy. Unfortunately, for Big Pharma, all good things must end and the patent expires on medications and the any pharmaceutical company can manufacture the molecule and sell it.

Lets look at an example. Suppose Big Pharma X has a patent on compound X. Compound X can be made for about 75 cents. However, Big Pharma X states that they must be allowed to sell the compound for $45.00 for each pill. They claim that it took years of research and they can not be expected to sell this 75 cent tablet for a penny less than $45.00/pill. Some years later. when the patent expires, other companies manufacture the compound and the price drops to $1.00/ tablet. But not to worry, Big Pharma will soon discover that Compound X is not really worthwhile and a new compound Y will be patented and sold for $134.00/tablet.

Quinine is cheap and Hydroxychlorquinine is also cheap. So instead of selling a cheap, effective, and very safe cure, Big Pharma has convinced the world that they will have a safe vaccine that will cure Covid-19 and the U.S. Government will pay $2,500.00 per shot for every American to obtain this remarkable vaccine.

In the meantime there are two reasons why Quinine is not readily available. The first reason is because Donald Trump took a Quinine compound and stated that a quinine compound would be effective.  It appears that the democrat party would rather see 20 million Americans lose their lives to Covid-19 than admit that Trump said something wise and helpful. Also, the democrat party harbors the sick and psychotic belief that if the American People are miserable and frightened, the people will vote democrat.  That is truly sick, sick, sick !

In recent months, M.D.’s with the highest credentials have appeared on TV and stated that Quinine and Quinine compounds are extremely effective in treating the Covid virus. These were men and women with great expertise in immunology and biochemistry. Their amazing credentials are testaments to their truthfulness and they have valid data to back their scientific findings !

While I am glad that I have obtained five college and university degrees, I realize that these MD’s and MD-Ph.D’s have the scientific data to prove their case. Also, Quinine is considered to be an herb and could be sold in health food stores as are other herbs like Ginsing, Ginko Biloba, Black Walnut extract, and many other safe compounds that have been around for 5,000 years or more.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s note: Two other articles on this topic were published by this author on this website. Type Covid-19 or virus into the search space and click go if you wish to read these articles. )

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