2020 Election Results Presented on October 17/2020

For the ten years that I have operated this website I have avoided promoting racism, intolerance, religious bias, and any illegal activity.  However, I believe that my greatest achievement has been my ability to separate facts from my own opinion. I have often given my opinion, but I have always made it clear that it was my opinion and not a fact. Today journalists, if you can call them that, publish propaganda disguised as facts.

Today, free speech is under assault.  Intolerance of other viewpoints are not the main issue.  Three giant technology corporations have now decided what people may read and write and in essence what people may now think.  Facebook, Twitter, and Google have now decided that they now have the right to publish opinions of which they approve and censor opinions of which they disapprove.  A large majority of the democrat criminals and the republican criminals in the U.S. Congress have permitted this unconstitutional and criminal action. Congress permitted this by totally immoral and unethical legislation.

The censorship practiced by Facebook, Twitter, and Google is vile, reprehensible, and in violation of American standards.  The situation has become go egregious that I would like to see the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) delist all three of these giant companies from the U.S. Stock exchange.  Just because a corporation, any corporation, is rich and powerful does not give the corporation the right to violate U.S. ethical standards.   However, Congress in their infinite stupidity has given specific legislative exemptions to these three mega giants.  All three of the above mentioned corporations have grossly misused their power to promote political causes of which they approve and censor political causes of which they disapprove.  This must not continue.

Turning to the Biden and Trump election, there are many reasons why nobody can understand why the polling results are so strange and resemble science fiction much more than statistical fact.  There are numerous reasons for these results. The censorship now practiced by the three giant corporations mentioned above is one of many reasons. There are several others, but the analysis of this issue will be the basis for another article.

My opinion is that neither Biden nor Trump can manage our Republic as our Constitution dictates.  The bizarre and strange message from the Democrat party is basically: ” Vote Democrat or we will burn your cities and your country to the ground. Just watch the local Democrat leaders remove the police protection. Just watch the local Democrat leaders fail to jail criminals who are damaging property and setting fires and even killing people. We can hurt you. We can kill you. Vote Democrat ! ”

Many decades ago, the democrat party was vastly different from anything that exists today. Both the democrat party and the republican party have undergone vast changes. Today, the democrat party has launched a new tactic, never tried before.  The democrats are making it perfectly clear that if they can not win on election day, they intend to win after election day by flooding some borderline or Purple states with mail in ballots that will not be counted until after election day is over.

In Florida, election law states that mail in ballots are welcome if they are legal and properly filled out. All ballots must be in the hands of the Supervisor of elections by 7 p.m. on November 3, 2020. Ballots arriving after the legal deadline will not be opened nor counted.  This sounds very fair and just to me. However, other states in the U.S. have different laws for the counting of votes and mail in ballots.  Unfortunately, the U.S. Congress has not enacted legislation that assures that each state must meet and follow certain legal standards in the voting process. One state even boldly stated that mail in ballots would not have the signature checked to determine that it matches what is now on file with the elections office.

Any sane and sensible individual would wonder why congress has not passed a federal law that clearly defines rules and regulations for all elections in the U.S. in every state.  Probably members of congress were too busy kissing the rear ends of executives of Facebook, Twitter, and Google to bother with safe voting legislation !

So, what can American Citizens expect on election Day on November 3, 2020 ? Americans can expect a fair and just election in some states and they can expect a criminally manipulated election in other states and regions.  Most people would call this unjust and immoral.  I see it as a failure of American Citizens to elect honest, sane, sensible, and ethical individuals to the U.S. Congress.

American citizens can look for more crime, violence, and terrorism in certain regions as November 3, 2020, approaches. I can not yet project the winner of the 2020 election, but I can state with 100% certainty that the loser will be the law abiding American People.

R. Van Conoley





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