E-Mail From Bill Clinton To Hunter Biden

Associate editor, Jonathan Swift has intercepted an E-mail from former President Bill Clinton to Hunter Biden.  It was obtained by using software obtained from Waterleaks.

To: Hunter Biden;  From: Bill Clinton

Dear Hunter,

I just wanted to take a minute and congratulate you on your vast accomplishments by employing money laundering, extortion, and influence manipulation.  Joe Biden, your father, trained you very well.  I was most impressed when I learned that you extorted Russia, the Ukraine, and even China.  I know your father very well, but he is not the man he use to be.  He has become somewhat forgetful.  So I wanted to fill you in on some important facts that will definitely help you in the future.

You must remember that the Clinton Crime Family joined with the Obama Crime Family and the Biden Crime Family to form one of the greatest crime syndicates in American history.  Former FBI Director James Comey was well known as the ” Clinton Fixer ” with a long history of helping the Clinton Crime Family.  Although Donald Trump fired this fine man, you do not have to worry about the FBI giving you a hard time. After all, the FBI had your computer files for a long time and did absolutely nothing. However, in the future you need to take a hammer to your computer so you can destroy all evidence just like my dear wife, Hillary, did.

I decided to pardon billionaire, Marc Rich, on my last day in office as President. In 2005, FBI Director Mueller decided to close the investigation into the Marc Rich pardon.  You can clearly understand that the FBI will protect the Clinton-Obama-Biden crime syndicate as much as possible. Your father probably never told you that on March 4,2013, James Comey joined the Board of Directors of HSBC. He held that position until he became head of the FBI in August, 2013.  He allowed HSBC to avoid criminal prosecution despite the GUILTY PLEA BY HSBC.

Sometime I can talk to you in person and help you perfect your skills in money laundering, extortion, and other criminal activities.  I also heard that an individual associated with the Biden Crime Family made public statements about you and your criminal activities and also your involvement with a fourteen year old girl.

Glad to learn that you like fourteen year old girls.  I have had a lot of experience in that area when I use to associate with Jeff Epstein.  But Epstein was about to go public so he was arrested and incarcerated in a Federal prison. While in prison, Mr. Epstein hanged himself and there was no record of how this happened since the guards did not check on him and all of the video cameras  were not working.  I think you get the picture that the FBI and the CIA were tools of the Democrat Party and did a lot of favors for the Clinton-Obama-Biden Crime syndicate over the years.

Hope you and I can get together with a couple of fourteen year old girls in the near future and party some to reduce our stress from the 2020 election. If I had a son, I know that he would be a lot like you.

Best, Bill Clinton

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