E-Mail to FBI Director From Joe Biden

The following E-mail from Joe Biden to FBI Director Christopher Wray was intercepted by Jonathan Swift.

To: FBI Director Christopher A. Wray;    From: Joseph Biden, President-elect

Dear Chris, I wanted to thank you for all of your help to me and the Democratic Party.  It is my understanding that there are still a few FBI Agents who do not understand that the FBI is designed to totally protect the Democrat Party and work with the Democrat Party as one of our public relations organizations.  I would like for you to remove all FBI agents who do not support the Democratic Party like you.

I appreciate the intervention, under your direction, in the 2020 Presidential election.  Most Americans have no idea that the FBI and other Intelligence Agencies have electronic powers, through the most sophisticated computers in the world, to modify or change any computer anywhere in the world. Your suggestion to apply this program to only seven state vote totals in the U.S. worked very well.  The American People have no idea whatsoever that you changed the vote totals in seven states without a trace.  Your suggestion to remove every sixth vote from Trump and give that vote to the Biden ticket was extremely helpful. This was applied to the mail in vote totals so no trace is available.

I would like to re-institute the money laundering with HSBC just like it was when I was Vice President.  Also, I would like to re-establish the CIA drug trade and move our share of profits to our bank accounts. You might not know that when the U.S. took over Afghanistan, when George Bush was President,  the production of narcotics was at a low point.  When I left office as Vice President, the opium production in Afghanistan had increased by 43%. I would like to see opium production rise in Afghanistan since our team can make huge profits from this enterprise.

Do not worry, I plan to stay in many places around the world.  I plan to keep America involved in foreign wars so our government can purchase a great deal of military equipment from our great military industrial complex.  Remember that Lockheed Martin joined the Clinton Global initiative in 2010 and shortly thereafter Lockheed was awarded 17 contracts.

Many people said that Barack Obama was the brains behind the Obama-Biden-Clinton criminal syndicate.  Many said that I was just the bag man.  If the truth be told, I advised Comey, Lynch, and Eric Holder and I helped Obama achieve many of his goals. The false rumor that Obama knew how to launder money because he was trained by the extremely corrupt Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley, is vastly over rated.  I knew how to guide Obama through the crooks in the U.S. Congress and get them on our side. Yes, Chris we have a lot of work to do. I will be in touch with you just as soon as I open a backchannel to my close friends in China.

Warmest regards, /s/ Joe Biden, President-elect  11/9/2020

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