The Overdue End Of The United States

I am a law abiding man, who has worked hard throughout my life, and now I am retired.  I paid all of my taxes on time, obeyed the laws of the United States, and supported my country in every possible way. However, all good things must end.  For almost fifty years, I thought that the U.S. could become a better country if we developed viable third party representatives to our governmental system.  Every industrialized democracy in the world has at least some third party representation in their government and some countries have third parties, fourth parties, and other parties.  Look closely at Israel and Italy and several countries in Europe.

But with our two party system it is easier for special interests to manipulate the will of the majority of the American People, so we never had a viable and long lasting third party.  In 2016, I was happy to see that Donald Trump was a de facto third party candidate who managed to capture the Republican Party nomination.  Trump was free to work for the good of the American People. That is why Trump was elected in 2016. I admire Trump for keeping his word and trying to clean up the “swamp” in Washington.  I voted for Trump in 2016, and it was the first time in forty years that I voted for a main party ( Republican or Democrat ) candidate for President.

However, I deeply believe in justice and fairness.  I know that the world is not perfect and it never will be. I remember one of my psychology professors in college stating: ” Looking for justice too deeply is, I believe, a major cause of mental illness in the U.S. ”  I have thought about that a lot and I have been willing to tolerate a very small amount of criminal and immoral behavior in the U.S. government because of it.

Unfortunately the level of criminal behavior in politics has always been disgusting to me as an American. After Trump’s election in 2016, the levels of criminal behavior in the political realm in the U.S. have become intolerable.  The criminal behavior was not caused by Trump in any form, but it was directed at Trump in multiple forms.  It is well established that Trump was illegally spied upon even before he received the nomination in 2016. The Criminal Syndicate of  Obama-Clinton-Biden criminalized the Justice Department, and the FBI, and even the CIA. The record is extremely clear.

Left unchallenged, the Obama-Clinton-Biden Criminal Syndicate continued to expand their activities through defunding the local police in Democrat controlled areas so their psychopaths could loot, burn, and commit numerous acts of violence. The Syndicate was aided and abetted by a portion of the news media along with corporate billionaires. Finally, it is apparent that the Syndicate criminalized the vote counting in 1) Pennsylvania, 2) Michigan, 3) Wisconsin, 4) Georgia, and 5) Arizona.  Nevada and Illinois were already thoroughly corrupt and had no intentions of allowing any fair elections in their states.

I accept and I believe that at the present time, the final arbiter of this serious mess can only be the Supreme Court of the U.S. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court can not reverse time and determine with 100% accuracy what the vote counts were that were legally cast in the five states mentioned.  I believe that Donald Trump won the most electoral votes on November 3, 2020, that were legally cast.

This level of public corruption is not acceptable to me and I believe that it is unacceptable to a large majority of Americans. From my view, it seems that the Federal Government of the U.S. is beyond redemption and rehabilitation. It is long past time when the U.S. ceased to exist. Many countries around the world in recent decades have ” Balkanized .” Our country must end and allow several new countries to arise. This, of course, would take a Constitutional Amendment. Yet, that is the very reason why our Constitution has a legal method to amend our Constitution.  The amendment would require a 2/3 vote of both houses of congress plus a ratifying vote by 3/4 of the states ( 38 states ).

I suggest that the following states be allowed to form a country and withdraw from the U.S. The states are: 1) Texas, 2) Louisiana, 3) Mississippi, 4) Florida, 5) Georgia, 6) Alabama, 7) Arkansas, 8) Oklahoma, 9) Kansas, 10) Missouri, 11) Tennessee, 12) Kentucky, 13) West Virginia, 14) North Carolina, and 15) South Carolina.  I suggest that the name might be ” Republic of America ” or whatever.

The creation of the ” Republic of America ” could be a first step in decreasing the violent crime,  terrorism, racism, criminal activity, and other reprehensible activities sponsored by the Democrat Party for the past five years. Ask yourself these questions: 1) Will people ever trust the FBI again?, 2) Were illegal acts committed against Mr. Trump by the Department of Justice?, 3) Wouldn’t this be much easier that fighting a Civil War in the U.S.?

Also, while I would encourage my representatives to support this Amendment, I would also support other Amendments that would allow other regions of the U.S. to withdraw from the U.S. I would hope that the citizens of California would form their own country since there is not another state in the U.S. that would wish to be associated with California. I hope that California names their state the ” Communist Republic of California.” Other regions of the U.S. can Balkanize or remain with the “old” U.S.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: I have a small card that I hand out to people to advertise this website.  On the back of my card there is this quote: ” In 21st. Century America, Americans continue to accept the false delusion that we live in a Constitutional Republic where democracy and freedom exist.  Such illogical thinking will result in a tragedy unsurpassed in world history. ”



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