Liars On The Left and Liars On The Right

In the U.S. today, it is extremely difficult to obtain truthful news.  President Trump calls the left wing liars the fake news media. I fully agree with Mr. Trump.  However, Trump does not refer to the right wing liars as part of the fake news media. A person would have to be a complete fool to believe that only the left wing fake journalists represent the fake news media.

Of all of the major newspapers in the U.S., there is only one that consistently reports the news without bias and misrepresentations. The WALL STREET JOURNAL is that newspaper in my view. Removing the JOURNAL from consideration, it appears to me that 100% of the news is fake and biased news. Again, my opinion is that there is a great deal more left wing bias than there is right wing bias. It appears to me that about 80% of the biased and fake news comes from the left. However, that in no way excuses the biased news from the right wing that represents about 20% of the fake news.

Allow me to give a real example of how an author may be biased, but not untruthful. Joseph Stiglitz is an economist who is biased toward liberal economics and toward globalism.  I have read all of Stiglitz’s books and I keep a copy of his book, MAKING GLOBALIZATION WORK, on my bookshelf. After reading his book on globalization, I could not find one example where the author gave false information to promote his views. Therefore, I do not consider him to be part of the fake news media and I admire his honesty. Sometimes, Stiglitz presents facts that do not support his positive view of globalization. He points this out and I admire his honesty and integrity. However, my opinion of globalization is that it is not as worthwhile as Stiglitz implies.

Newt Gingrich is a very intelligent man and an extraordinary author in my view. His historical fiction, in my view, is Nobel Prize level writing. Of course Newt will never receive a Nobel Prize because he is biased to the right or the conservative view.  I have never found Newt giving false information to support any of his views.

Recently, I read a Gingrich novel titled, SHAKEDOWN. Since it was a novel, it was a made up fictional story.  Fictional books do not have to adhere to the same standards as newspaper and media reporting. His latest book is in a specific category of international fiction that is widely read. It was a kind of updated James Bond style novel involving the forces of good versus the forces of evil. Interestingly, the forces of good were represented by the U.S. and Israel and their supporters. The forces of evil were represented by Iran, a Russian oligarch, and a Palestinian terrorist. Since it was fiction, the storyline could follow any direction.

In the novel SHAKEDOWN, Newt makes the Russian, the Iranian, and the Palestinian the embodiment of pure evil.  That is not fake news, but it does present a viewpoint or a bias of what is good and what is evil. In the U.S. for years, Iran has been used as a political football. President Obama continually congratulates himself for developing a deal with Iran. President Trump continually congratulates himself for destroying the Obama-Iranian deal.  Who is right ?

Lets now take a look at the implied ” political slogans” that Americans are expected to support or oppose depending on your left or right wing views. The left implies several: 1) Defunding the local police is good; 2) White racism is the cause of Black unemployment and a host of other problems and 3) at least a hundred others that are well known. Now lets take a look at the right wing views. There are two main dictates that the right wing fake news media supports. They are 1) Israel is always right in all political and military actions all of the time, and 2) The U.S. must continue our mindless and never ending wars everywhere in the world.

These psychotic political viewpoints are continuously hurled at Americans 24/7. After I finished reading SHAKEDOWN, I thought that there would be some forceful and violent action taken against Iran or an Iranian individual in the near future. Well bless my soul, a top Iranian scientist was just murdered by Israel or Israel and the U.S.  Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, 59, was a top nuclear scientist in Iran and he was murdered on November 27,2020.

Trump said many times that he would never allow Iran to develop a nuclear bomb. Where does it state in the U.S. Constitution that the U.S. has the decision powers to decide which countries can have nuclear weapons ? Did the U.S. give permission for China, Pakistan, and India to develop nuclear bombs ? Of course not. But the right wing’s psychotic talking points are as insane as the left wing’s talking points.  It is an interesting fact that Israel has never signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation agreement.

I hope Americans will read an article on this website titled: ” The Overdue End of the U.S.” Our country has passed the point where we can have any form of sane government in the U.S. if we continue to have 50 states. America needs to Balkanize into several separate and totally independent countries. It could not be anywhere worse than the terror that exists today. Also, always remember: ” One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

R. Van Conoley  ( Additional facts: President George W. Bush, undoubtedly the dumbest man ever elected as President, attacked Iraq after 9/11 by claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and Bush knew it all along. Also, not a single terrorist that attached the U.S. on 9/11 came from Iraq. Yet ten years later, America is spending billions of dollars to keep U.S. forces in Iraq. However, the somewhat brighter Barack Obama, passively allowed the war in Iraq to continue during his eight years as President while accepting a Nobel Prize for Peace !! Totally insane. )

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