Lou Dobbs Is The Greatest

As a law abiding American, I have a great deal of respect for the well known electronic journalist and best selling author, Lou Dobbs. Lou is intelligent, articulate, truthful, courageous, and extremely patriotic.  I enjoy watching his show.

I am an independent and a law abiding American and I started this website to disseminate ideas that I believed that Americans needed to know. I have always been active in politics, but I have avoided illegal demonstrations and I refused to lower myself to the level of too many politicians and political activists in the world today.

In 2016, I voted for a major party candidate ( Democrat or Republican ) for the first time in 40 years.  I voted for Donald Trump and I am glad that I did. People who read my website can find articles on mass political movements.  I wrote them for a purpose.

President Donald Trump has been treated terribly and many criminal acts have been committed against Mr. Trump by the democrat party and the Hillary Clinton Criminal Syndicate.  Looking back on Mr. Trump’s almost four years, I believe that Mr. Trump did many great things and he sincerely wanted to help create a better America. I believe that Mr. Trump’s greatest mistake was that he was not brutal enough to exist in the Washington cesspool. The Obama-Clinton-Biden Criminal Syndicate waged a never ending war against Mr. Trump even before he won the Presidency. The Obama-Clinton-Biden criminal syndicate criminalized the FBI, the Justice Department, and even the CIA to harass Mr. Trump. My country turned on me and this country will never be the same if the individuals who committed these numerous crimes remain unpunished.

Wikipedia labeled Lou Dobbs as a conspiracy theorist. He is not. He has the courage to stand up and tell the truth.  I had great hopes that Attorney General Barr would investigate the serious situation and attempt to seek justice for all Americans. He has not and I am extremely saddened by this. While I believe that I am as patriotic as Lou Dobbs and all of the other law abiding Americans, I am certain that the election was as illegal as Hillary Clinton smashing her electronic devices while under a legal order to turn them over to authorities. Interesting that Director Comey decided not to prosecute Ms. Clinton.

When the electors gather in Congress on December 14/2020, the results will be presented. However, that is not the end of this vile and reprehensible criminal action. The U.S. Congress votes whether or not to accept the election results for President and Vice President.  According to the Constitution and Federal law, it does not take a large number of individuals to protest the vote of the electors.  As I read and understand the Constitution in this inchoate and somewhat arcane situation, it needs only one member from the House and one member from the Senate to object to the vote of the electors. It seems perfectly clear to me that there are numerous members of the House and the Senate who would object to the electoral vote.

If the above situation happens, and I believe that it will, that will allow Mr. Trump to present his evidence regarding voter fraud. This would allow Mr. Trump and his attorneys the opportunity to speak and present evidence that they have. However, with Facebook and Twitter now setting the rules for “free speech,” is it possible for the American People to hear the evidence and decide for themselves?

I am hopeful that Lou Dobbs will look into the situation and possibly explain how the procedures work if  Congress has an objection to the electoral vote count.  This has never happened before in the history of the United States. The election will definitely not be concluded on December 14, 2020.

R. Van Conoley  ( I always voted in every election every since I turned 21 and was able to vote. Prior to 2016, I had voted for many third party candidates for President. Some over 50 may remember Ralph Nader and Ross Perot among others. )

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