Covid-19 And Governor Ron DeSantis

Since Ron DeSantis is the Governor of the third largest state, by population, in the U.S., he may have no idea who I am.  I am a politically active individual, over the age of 65, who would dearly like an injection of the Covid-19 Vaccine for me and my wife.

So far Governor, you have talked a very good line, but I judge people by what they do and not by what they say. How you handle the distribution of the Covid-19 Vaccine will determine if I and my wife will vote for you in the future.  Since you are my governor, I am on your side and I would respectfully like to offer you some advice. If I could serve you with any additional advice, please call me.  You certainly had no difficulties reaching me by mail while you were a candidate for governor.

Lets start by looking at what you have done. You stated that citizens 65 and over will be the first to receive the vaccine. That was indeed a common sense statement and I commend you for making it. However, it was nothing but useless talk unless you have a thorough plan to distribute the vaccine. Allow me to offer some reasonable advice.

Usually with age comes wisdom.  I believe that I am a lot sharper in intellect today than I was when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. However, as an example, I earned five college and university degrees in my lifetime. I did not have to use a computer until I took my 5th. University degree. You must keep in mind that citizens age 65 and over are not as adept in using a computer as my 18 year old granddaughter. So telling “Senior Citizens” just to use the computer is an extremely unwise decision. Already your website has “crashed” and senior citizens can not make contact.

1) Suggestion # 1. I advise you to have a phone number that is answered by a REAL PERSON that remains open 24 hours a day and remains open 7 days a week. You stated that you had hired 1,000 contract nurses to assist in administering the vaccine. I strongly suggest that you hire at least 200 individuals to monitor calls to your contact number. All people would appreciate this, especially senior citizens. Also, this line should be answered by a real person and the caller should not have to wait for 30 or 40 minutes while a message is repeated over and over again. Hint: If 200 is not enough, hire 400 or 500 as you determine needed. After all you are the Governor and you must accept full responsibility for the total operation in Florida.  Also, I am certain that I do not have to suggest to you that the individuals hired to answer the phone will be 100% informed with all relevant information that people need.

2) Suggestion # 2. Very basic common sense indicates that the state of Florida should be divided into regions. Florida has 67 Counties, but I do not believe that 67 regions are necessary. Call me if you need help, but I studied the situation and I believe that 16 regions would be about perfect. Miami-Dade County, which has more citizens than most states would be one region.

3) Suggestion # 3. Let me demonstrate how suggestion 2 might be best implemented. I live in Volusia County which is a very large county in size, but medium in population numbers. I drew my map so that Volusia and Seminole County are formed into one region. My additional advice involves this region, but should serve for other parts of Florida.

4) Suggestion # 4. Both approved vaccines need to be kept at low temperatures. Pfizer needs a much colder temperature than the Moderna vaccine. Citizens will become infuriated if you permit some dimwitted individual to mishandle a shipment of the vaccine and the temperature is not adequate and the vaccine degrades and becomes ineffective. So you will be sure to give clear and definite directions to those many individuals who assist you in distribution.

5) Suggestion # 5. As Governor, you have a level of authority over the state police known as the Florida Highway Patrol. After sitting down with the director of the Highway Patrol, you can explain how he and his officers can assist you in the efficient distribution of the vaccine and the steps necessary to maintain the chemical integrity of the vaccine. ( For example, you might wish to remind the Chief that Dry Ice is just CO2 that is frozen and is in a solid and very cold state.  So the vaccine will be stored in boxes where there is dry ice to maintain low temperatures. Dry ice goes from its solid state to its gas state without forming a liquid, so the boxes will have some white smoke coming from them as the dry ice evaporates. It is harmless and should be expected.

6) Suggestion # 6) As Governor, you will learn that several airport locations are available for each region. My region, ( Volusia and Seminole Counties) has a medium size airport near De Land. and another airport near Sanford.  At a fixed time, a military or private plane will land at the airport that you select.  Waiting at the airport will be 14 to 20 Highway Patrol Cars. Each driver will know in detail in advance how many boxes will be placed in his patrol car and exactly how many locations that he must make to complete the mission.

7) Suggestion # 7 ) After the plane lands the first set of 5 or 6 boxes will be placed into the first patrol car and he will then drive off to deliver the vaccines. Then the next, next and next and next. After the patrol cars are loaded, the plane will return to its area wherever the U.S. Government has its closest storage facility.

8) Suggestion # 8 ) While suggestion 7 is in operation, the same type of operation will be happening in several other regions.

9) Suggestion # 9 ) You of course will have informed the county sheriff and/or the local police of the operations in case you need assistance.

10) Suggestion # 10 ) Both Walgreens and CVS have been administering the influenza vaccine for many years.  Hence, you could inquire if CVS and Walgreens would assist in the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine.  Both should be eager to assist since after getting the vaccine, many citizens remember some items at the store that they need. Additional revenue is always welcome in private enterprise.

11) Suggestion # 11 ) I am sure that a wise man like you has already thought in depth about how to administer this vaccine in a sane and sensible manner. THERE IS NO NEED FOR ELDERLY CITIZENS TO SIT IN THEIR CARS FOR HOURS WAITING FOR THE VACCINE, ONLY TO BE TOLD THAT THE VACCINE IS OUT AND THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHEN THE NEXT SHIPMENT WILL BE AVAILABLE.

12) Suggestion # 12 )  I never vote for an individual because of race, religion, party affiliation, or verbal promises made BEFORE an election. I do vote for reelection of individuals who display common sense and manage their office for the welfare of the American People. I also campaign against individuals who are incompetent in their duties. I judge individuals by their decency and common  sense and their actions, not by their promises.

R. Van Conoley The present listing for the phone of Governor DeSantis is 850-717-9337. Please be polite and respectful to the office of the Governor. He is our PUBLIC SERVANT and he works for us. I believe he will do a good job. President Trump did an outstanding job in getting an effective vaccine made quickly. Now Mr. DeSantis must demonstrate that he can manage the distribution in a rapid and effective manner.

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