Will Our Next President Be Tucker Carlson or Tulsi Gabbard ?

All of the false news, the fake mews, the manipulated news, and the ever increasing levels of incivility are clearly not the American way. I have avoided using my website to promote any religious, political, or social cause.  I have attempted to present information that would be useful to Americans who wish to be better informed.

I do not believe that the U.S. can ever come together again as one nation with a common goal of a democratic government with a just free enterprise system that serves the moral needs of all Americans. I believe that the U.S. would be best served by the separation of our fifty states into three or four separate and independent countries.  This can be achieved without violence or a Civil War. It can be accomplished by a Constitutional Amendment that allows this to happen legally. Presently the state of Oregon has a proposition which would allow part of Oregon to leave that state and become affiliated with another state.  It is the same idea that I presented on a much smaller level.

However, the U.S. remains one nation and I would like to see honest elections where all Americans can have a strong belief that the votes have been counted legally and fairly. Sadly, the U.S. has had reasons to believe that past elections have had votes manipulated by both political parties. It would be so very easy to pass federal legislation that could bring this wish into reality. Congress shows very little interest in helping the People and is mainly interested in supporting their Machiavellian interests and the special interests that fund their campaigns.

I have a small amount of hope left that the U.S. could find a great leader who could lead and unify the U.S. in 2024.  I have a great deal of admiration for FOX political analyst Tucker Carlson.  I believe that Mr. Carlson would make a great President for America. In a world where false news and outright lying and slander remain the norm, Tucker Carlson speaks with a clear voice and presents extremely relevant information while allowing alternative views to be presented. I sincerely believe that the People in the U.S. want a non-politician as President.

I also admire Tulsi Gabbard. Ms. Gabbard was a candidate for President in 2020 in the Democrat primary. In my view, the entire 2020 Democrat primary was a horrific deal that was the culmination of five years of hate and rage by the Democrat party against President Donald Trump.  The excessive hatred against Donald Trump kept the entire Democrat party from developing sane and sensible ideas about how the government should be managed.  Tulsi Gabbard was the only Democrat in 2020 who had sound and independent ideas about how to manage the U.S. She was clearly independent of the Democrat corrupt establishment. Hillary Clinton who is superb at destroying people and spreading hatred implied that Ms. Gabbard was a ” Russian agent ! ” Ms. Gabbard replied: ” Thank you Hillary Clinton. You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain ….”

Donald J. Trump may or may not wish to seek the office of President again in 2024.  If he ran and was elected, Mr. Trump would be 77 years old at the beginning of his presidential term.  Possibly Mr. Trump may not make any decision until after the 2022 elections. In 2022, 100% of the House seats will be up for election and at least 33% of the Senate seats will be up for election.  The republican party seems to have a fairly good chance of winning enough seats in the House to become the House majority party.  It is also possible for the republican party to gain majority status in the U.S. Senate in 2022.

Also, Laura Trump is considered to be a candidate for the U.S. Senate from her home state of North Carolina.  Laura Trump has demonstrated that she is an articulate public speaker and could capture the republican nomination in North Carolina.  North Carolina is considered to have moved from red ( Republican ) to purple ( undecided ) and would be needed by either of the main candidates in the 2024 presidential election.  Laura Trump is the daughter-in-law of Donald Trump and is married to Eric Trump.

It seems like a very wise decision for Donald Trump to sit down and have a long private conversation with Tulsi Gabbard.  Ms. Gabbard has no future whatsoever in the Democratic party. She is too independent, too honest, and has too much integrity to remain affiliated with the democratic party.  While many women have sought the office of President from Roseanne Barr, Sonia Johnson, Cynthia McKinney, Elizabeth Warren, Shirley Chisholm, Hillary Clinton, and Jill Stein, I seriously believe that only Tulsi Gabbard has what is needed to become President. As a member of the House, Ms. Gabbard refused to vote for the impeachment of President Trump which took a lot of courage on Ms. Gabbard’s part !

There are not really many individuals in the U.S. that I believe could handle the thankless job of President. Besides Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson, I believe that Donald Trump, Senator Rand Paul, Senator John Kennedy, Senator Tim Scott, Dr. Ben Carson, and Mike Pence have the necessary intelligence, the common sense, and the ability to lead the U.S. in our darkest hour.

R. Van Conoley


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