Joe Biden’s Brain and Hillary Clinton

As editor of , I insist that all of my reporters and assistant editors adhere to a strict standard.  The following article was researched and written by our associate editor, Dr. Jonathan Swift. I approved the article only upon the basis that Dr. Swift strictly separate the scientific facts from areas of speculation.  Dr. Swift has done so and I allowed the following article to be published on R. Van Conoley, editor.

SCIENTIFIC FACT:  Experimental neuroscientists have been studying how the human brain remembers and stores information. Much of the research has been performed on laboratory animals like rats and monkeys.  Studies have shown that human memories are scattered into different regions of the brain.  The ultimate goal of memory research is to determine how these scattered fragments are reassembled when a memory is recalled.

It is known scientifically that there are electromagnetic vibrations oscillating across the brain at about 40 cycles per second.  They can be picked up on an EEG scan. Previously it was thought that memories might be stored physically close to one another.  New theory has determined that memories are not linked spatially but rather temporally, by vibrating in unison.

Scientists found that memories are transmitted through a region of the brain called the hippocampus before they are stored as either a long term or short term memory. Scientists at both USC and Wake Forrest research labs have identified that there are at least two sets of  neurons that pass through the hippocampus by studying the brains of mice.  They are called CA1 and CA3. Using this information, scientists have studied the neurological signals entering and leaving the hippocampus in laboratory animals and in humans.

MIT scientists were able to advance neurological research by using a technique called optogenetics.  This method allows a light to shine on certain neurons and stimulate them.  Scientists believe that they could restore a human’s memory by implanting an artificial hippocampus.  Are you ready for this ?  MIT scientists were able to implant not only ordinary memories, but also memories that never took place into test animals !!

SPECULATION BASED ON INTERVIEWS: Before becoming President, Joe Biden was scheduled to have an operation that would place an artificial hippocampus into his brain to assist him with recall.  Hillary Clinton learned of this operation and called upon former CIA Director, John Brennan, to conduct a covert operation against Biden’s surgeon and the surgeon disappeared.  Ms. Clinton contacted the Biden family and explained that she would find a replacement surgeon for Joe Biden.  As a former Communist supporter, Brennan was instructed to locate a surgeon who was an avowed Communist. Brennan carried out his instructions from Hillary Clinton, and the surgeon who operated upon Joe Biden implanted an artificial hippocampus which contained false memories that Communism and Socialism are the greatest things in the universe.

Speculation is very strong that the surgeon transferred memories from the brain of Bernie Sanders onto the artificial hippocampus. Also, events that actually happened to Joe Biden have been removed.  Speculation is strong that is why the Chinese government was so rude to members of the Biden Administration recently in Canada.  The Chinese government is very angry that Joe Biden does not remember all of the bribes that the Chinese gave to Joe and many members of Joe’s family.

Jonathan Swift wrote and researched this article.

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